How do you get to Reaper's march?

How do you get to Reaper's march?

Easiest way, if you are AD, is to group with someone and use travel to player. Otherwise, get to Auridon, go to the town of Skywatch, and take a boat to Grahtwood. Travel north through Grathwood into Malabal Tor. Travel along the east side to Baandari (I think) and there's a gate to Reaper's March.

How do I get to Grahtwood?

Grahtwood is in the base game, not in a DLC.

  1. You can fast travel there if you have a wayshrine discovered.
  2. You can walk there from neighboring zones.
  3. You can fast travel there via the boatman at the docks from neighboring zones or other capital cities.

Where is Mournhold eso?


Why did Almalexia kill sotha?

The Mad God Following the release of the Fabricants and other creatures on Mournhold, Almalexia sends you to kill Sotha Sil in Clockwork City, out of the belief he is behind the attack. ... She will say that she wanted the Nerevarine to become a martyr in her name, who died trying to defeat the mad god Sotha Sil.

How do I get out of vvardenfell?

Go to a wayshrine in Morrowind and right-click while in the map to pull back to the map of Tamriel. You should see a few wayshrines in other parts you can travel to. Alternatively go to the little dock by the Silt Strider in Vivec and talk to the boat navigator there.

What is the capital of the Ebonheart pact?


Who is the leader of the Ebonheart pact?


What alliance is dark elf eso?

Ebonheart Pact

What are alliances in eso?

The Alliances are the three major factions of the Alliance War, also called the Three Banners War. They are as follows: The Aldmeri Dominion, situated in the provinces of the Summerset Isles, Valenwood, and Elsweyr. The Daggerfall Covenant, situated in the provinces of Hammerfell, High Rock, and Orsinium.