Where is a high elf I can kill in Skyrim?

Where is a high elf I can kill in Skyrim?

There's actually a High Elf corpse in the pit trap in Halted Streams camp, just north of Whiterun. Easy bandit camp, close to civilization, piece of cake to get. That's what I always do. Otherwise you should play through the Thalmor Embassy part of the main quest.

Can you be in the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild?

Can you join both the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild in Elder Scrolls online? ... You can join both of these guilds, and also Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, Psijic Order, Undaunted and Antiquarians Circle. On a single character.

How do I get through the Thalmor embassy without weapons?

If all else fails and you are on a computer you can hit the ~ to go into console mode, type in tim to activate immortal mode, fight the guards on the ground floor bare handed and after they are dead loot their bodies for armour and weapons. Then just turn immortal off and proceed normally.

Can you kill Elenwen?

Elenwen can be killed following completion of the main quest. However, by this time she should be back in the foyer of the Thalmor Embassy, where the party took place, and from which all the doors are unpickably locked, so she shouldn't come out and you can't get in.

Where does Malborn go after diplomatic immunity?

If Malborn was not killed during your attack on the Thalmor embassy in Diplomatic Immunity, he will eventually turn up at The New Gnisis CornerClub in Windhelm.

Does Malborn steal your stuff?

And yes, EVERYTHING gets confiscated, you'll have an empty inventory aside from quest items.

Does Malborn have to die?

Malborn may be killed by a frost troll, bandit, dragon or ice wolf making his escape. If Malborn is saved, he will run to a peninsula north east of Solitude where he will idle or run around and fight horkers until he dies or the player leaves. Malborn dies quickly.

Can I kill everyone in the Thalmor embassy?

User Info: Zukkus. You can murder all the Thalmor guards if you want.