What kind of car did David Hasselhoff drive in Knight Rider?

What kind of car did David Hasselhoff drive in Knight Rider?

KITT Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

What's David Hasselhoff's net worth?

David Hasselhoff net worth: David Hasselhoff is an American actor, singer, director, and producer who has a net worth of $10 million.

Why Berlin is so cheap?

Berlin is such a cheap capital city, because it is not capital city for too long. ... West Berlin was quite isolated, which made it not really eligible. East Berlin was the capital of a country, which called itself socialist. This country collapsed, this did not really help the real estate prices.

Is Berlin Good or bad?

Berlin is funky, fun and fashionable. It's Germany's most international city, a cultural melting pot of 3.

Is Berlin poor?

About 435,000 people live in poverty in Berlin – that makes for 12.

Is Berlin rich?

Rich Germany, poor Germany Munich is the richest city according to the study, with an annual household disposable income of €29,685. Three former western cities follow on the list including Stuttgart (€25,012), Düsseldorf (€24,882) and Hamburg (€24,421). Berlin on the other hand has an average of €19,719.

Is Berlin different from Germany?

It feels the least German of any of the major cities, but it is the federal capital city. It has the largest population in Germany but doesn't have one single city centre so it doesn't feel as crowded. ... Berlin is the only City in Germany that doesn't feel like a city but like a metropolis.

Is Berlin geographically bigger than London?

But wait, what? London realistically has a lot more than 8.

Is English spoken in Berlin?

Most people in Berlin are able to speak English, and you can easily get by with it. Furthermore, there is a relatively large community of expatriats from all over the world in Berlin. Their language of choice is often English. But, of course, the people usually do speak German in Berlin. ;-)

What is a person from Berlin called?

Ich bin ein Berliner