Which event is most closely associated with the French Revolution?

Which event is most closely associated with the French Revolution?

Reign of Terror

What is one way Robespierre and Napoleon similar?

One way in which Robespierre and Napoleon are similar is that they both A) they both played an important role in the conquest of vienna. B) increased their power during the French Revolution.

What was the reign of terror quizlet?

Slide 2: What was the Reign of Terror? This was a period during the French Revolution, in which rebels of the government regulations were executed in large numbers. This dictatorial rule of the government had people killed with unfair trials. Christianity was abolished and statues of a young girl "Reason" replaced it.

Why did the guillotine appeal to revolutionaries quizlet?

Why did the guillotine appeal to Revolutionaries? It was seen as more humane and fair to all. The Revolutionaries considered themselves more democratic and against the privileges the upper class once enjoyed. Executed for treason.

What aspect of the guillotine appealed to the revolutionary leaders?

Joseph-Ignace Guillotine suggested that the revolutionaries create a more “humane” means of execution. Dr. Guillotine himself was against the death penalty, but he felt that if it must be done, there should be a quick and relatively painless way to do it.

What best defines the word humane?

humane Add to list Share. A humane person is one who shows great compassion and caring for others, including animals, and who tries whenever possible to alleviate another's suffering. ... While the word is derived from the word human, the sad fact is that a person can be human without being humane.

Who is the man that is considered the chief architect of the French Revolution?

Maximilien Marie Isidore de Robespierre

Who wrote the book Dead Man Walking?

Helen Prejean