How do I submit a show idea to Discovery Channel?

How do I submit a show idea to Discovery Channel?

Discovery is open to ideas from individuals outside their network. You can submit your idea by going to the “Idea submissions” tab. Here you can submit your details and attach the document file of your idea along with a description of the pitch.

Do you need Internet to get Discovery Plus?

However, it requires an active cable or satellite TV subscription to access, while Discovery Plus does not. ... Finally, Discovery Go includes ads, which can be done away with if you get the $6.

How do you activate Discovery go?

Activate Discovery GO on Fire Stick

  1. Launch Discovery on Fire Stick.
  2. A code will appear on your screen.
  3. Go to
  4. Enter the activation code.
  5. Choose your TV provider.

Is Discovery Plus a success?

In the company's Q4 earnings release Monday, Discover CEO David Zaslav said that Discovery has surpassed 11 million paying subscription-video subscribers since the Discovery Plus launch, and is “on pace to be at 12 million by the end of the month.”

Is HGTV going away?

HGTV is not going away in 2021. The classic, family-friendly channel is here to stay. Furthermore, fans of HGTV actually have a lot to be excited for; The channel announced plans last October for a 16-title strong lineup of brand new shows for viewers to sink their teeth into — so by no means is HGTV going anywhere.