Is Reply 1988 a true story?

Is Reply 1988 a true story?

1) Based on a true story: a young pilot whose surname is Kim died in an air crash while trying to fly the craft away from a building. He was under 30 then, had a brother with heart issues (just like JB) and their parents were preparing for 30-year anniversary.

Why is Junghwan called Jungpal?

What does jungpal mean? admins: his nickname 'jungpal' is from jung = junghwan pal = another word for friend! just a casual nickname for a friend :D.

Does Jung Hwan confess to Deok Sun?

I think he confessed that time, just for closure. To finally put a close to that part of his life since it seemed that he already knew Taek & Deok Sun liked each other, especially after he failed to get to the concert in time and Taek came first. He had finally accepted it.

Who is the husband Reply 1994?

So the hubby is Na Jung's oppa, aka Trash, aka Kim Jae Joon.

Who does go ARA end up with Reply 1994?

In Episode 21, “To the 90s,” it was finally revealed that Trash (Jung Woo) is Na Jung's (Go Ara) husband.

Who did Shi Won married in reply 1997?

Yoon Yoon Je

How many episodes of Reply 1994 are there?


Who died in Reply 1994?

Samcheonpo Kim Sung-kyun and Cho Yun-jin, who were like cats and dogs at first, eventually became a married couple with four children. Bingeure Kim Dong-jun, who was confused about his sexual identity, ended up marrying Die-die Jini, who was his senior student.

What does Chilbong mean?

Seven Shut-outs

When did reply 1997 come out?


How many reply series are there?