What caste is Ansari?

What caste is Ansari?

The Ansaris are Muslims of the Sunni sect. Historically, the community produced the sage, scholars and philosopher. The Ansari are an Urdu-speaking community, although the Ansari clan of Gujarat have Gujarati as their mother tongue.

What is Dudekula caste?

Hence they are locally called the Dudekula, the. cotton cleaners and mattress makers. They are mentioned as "a. Mohammadan caste of cotton-cleaners, rope and tape makers" [Francis loc cit by Thruston: 1909].

Which caste is Mirza?

Originally being adversaries and opponents to the Mughal Emperors of Northern India, the title Mirza was also adopted by the Muslim Rajputs of Northern India. The Rajput imperial families were descendants of ancient Indo-Aryan warriors who strategically formed blood alliances with Mughal aristocracy.

Are Khans Pathans?

In India, the Muslim surname Khan is largely synonymous with and commonly used by Pathans as per Pashtun naming conventions, although not all Khans are necessarily of Pathan descent. The female equivalent used by Pathan women is Khanum or Bibi.

Is Mughal a caste?

They were and still are a community of small to medium sized farmers. A good many are also traders. Like other Gujarati Muslims, they have a caste association known as the Jamat, which acts both as a welfare organization and an instrument of social control.

Where does Sania Mirza live now?

Sania Mirza
Mirza in 2017
Country (sports)India
ResidenceHyderabad, India
Born15 November 1986 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Where is Shoaib Malik now?

Pakistan national cricket teamAll-rounder

Who is the first Indian player to win a Grand Slam tournament?

Mahesh Shrinivas Bhupathi

Does Sania Mirza have a child?

Izhaan Mirza Malik

Is Shoaib Malik retired?

Shoaib Malik, who retired from ODI cricket at the end of 2019 World Cup and Tests much earlier, last played for Pakistan in the T20 series in England.

How old is Shoaib Malik?

39 years (Febru)

Who is Shoaib Malik wife?

Sania Mirzam. 2010