Who was the main ruler of Kushan dynasty?

Who was the main ruler of Kushan dynasty?


Who is the founder of Kushan dynasty?

Kujula Kadphises

Who was the third ruler of Kushan dynasty?


Which ruler defeated the kushans?

Emperor Vasudeva I

Why is Kanishka called second Ashoka?

Answer: Kanishka worked for the preaching of Buddhism. He spread Buddhism to China, Japan, Central Asia and Tibet; and convened the 4th Buddhist Council at Kun- dalvana in Kashmir. Due to his works, he is often called 'Second Asoka'.

Who is 2nd Ashoka?

Kushana king Kanishka is also called "Second Ashoka". ... Kanishka I (कनिष्क), or Kanishka the Great, was the emperor of the Kushan dynasty in the second century (c. 127–150 CE). He is famous for his military, political, and spiritual achievements.

When was Kanishka born?

78 AD

Who converted Kanishka Buddhism?


Where was Kanishka born?

Peshawar, Pakistan

Who introduced gold coins first in India?

Kushan Roman denarii

Who first used coins?


What is the oldest gold coin?

The 1/6-stater coin is more than 2,700 years old and was discovered in Ephesus, an ancient Hellenic city and trading center of Asia Minor. Made from electrum, a natural occurring alloy of gold silver, the coin most likely originated in the area of Lydia.

WHO issued largest number of gold coins in India?

Gupta Kingdom

Which Gupta emperor issued the largest number of inscription?

  • Samundragupta.
  • Kumargupta I.
  • Chandragupta I.
  • Skandagupta.
  • Ghatotashagupta.
  • Chandragupta II.

WHO issued silver coins first in India?

Sher Shah Suri

WHO issued largest number of copper coins in India?

In the Gupta period (early 4th to the late 6th century), the largest numbers of coins were issued in Gold coins. In this period, different Gupta rulers circulated a large number of gold coins.

WHO issued largest number of copper coins?

The Guptas issued the largest number of gold coins (dinaras) in ancient India; but these hardly flowed into day-to-day private economic relations. Copper and silver coins of the period are few. Fa-Hien tells us that cowries became the common medium of exchange. Only option 3 is incorrect.

Which Gupta ruler issued copper coins?

Chandragupta II

Who was the first Gupta ruler to issue silver coins?

Chandragupta II

Who was the last ruler of Gupta dynasty?


Who is the son of Samudragupta?

Chandragupta II

Which is the oldest coin in India?

E, Kasi, Kosala and Magadha coins can be the oldest ones from the Indian Subcontinent dating back to 7th century BC and kosambi findings indicate coin circulation towards the end of 7th century BC.

Which is oldest coin?

Lydian stater