Who was famous ruler of Gupta dynasty?

Who was famous ruler of Gupta dynasty?

Chandragupta II

Who was the greatest king of Gupta dynasty?


Who Ruled India after Gupta dynasty?

The Later Guptas succeeded the imperial Guptas as the rulers of Magadha, but there is no evidence connecting the two dynasties; these appear to be two distinct families....Later Gupta dynasty.
Preceded bySucceeded by
Gupta Empire Vardhana dynastyVarman dynasty of Kannauj

Who is the fourth ruler of Gupta dynasty?

Chandra Gupta appointed his son Samudra Gupta (reigned c. 330–c. 380) to succeed him about 330, according...… His son, the celebrated Samudra Gupta, expanded the empire through conquest.

Who is the first king of Gupta dynasty?

Chandra Gupta I

Why is Gupta dynasty called Golden Age?

This period became known as the Golden Age of India because it was marked by extensive inventions and discoveries in science, technology, engineering, art, dialectic, literature, logic, mathematics, astronomy, religion, and philosophy.

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Louis XIV of France

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