What do you write on a greeting card?

What do you write on a greeting card?

Open it up.

  1. Open it up. Start with “dear” or even “dearest.” Or try “hi” or “hello” or the old-school charm of “greetings.” Add the recipient's name and you're off!
  2. Say why you're writing. ...
  3. Go on a bit. ...
  4. Reaffirm your relationship. ...
  5. Say it again. ...
  6. Finish strong.

Where can I write on greeting cards?

The short answer is, yes, you can write on the inside front cover. There is no etiquette saying you cannot do this.

How do you write a greeting message?

Greeting Examples

  1. Dear First name Last name (this works well if you don't know the gender of the person you're writing to)
  2. Dear First name (when emailing someone you know)
  3. Hi First name (When emailing someone you know)
  4. Dear Mr./Ms. Last name.
  5. Dear Mr./Ms. ...
  6. Dear Dr. ...
  7. To Whom It May Concern.
  8. Dear Human Resources Manager.

What do you write on a card for a friend?

The more specific you can be, the better.

  1. I'm grateful for you because…
  2. I'm so lucky to have a friend like you. ...
  3. I'm glad we're friends for so many reasons. ...
  4. Ways you're a blessing to me:
  5. I appreciate so many things about you—especially…
  6. I cherish you, and I cherish our friendship.

What do you say to a special friend?

What to Say to Someone

  • You are more fun than anyone or anything I know, including bubble wrap.
  • You are the most perfect you there is.
  • You are enough.
  • You are one of the strongest people I know.
  • You look great today.
  • You have the best smile.
  • Your outlook on life is amazing.
  • You just light up the room.

What should I write in a gift message?

Personal Card Messages For Gifts

  1. Every time you see these blooms, remember someone is thinking of you!
  2. Hope this brightens your day!
  3. Sending sunny thoughts to brighten your day.
  4. A friendly hello, from me to you.
  5. Bunches of hugs & kisses.
  6. For the best reason of all - - - none.

What are good engraving quotes?

A Complete Guide to the Best Engraving Quotes

  • You are My Person (Also available in your handwriting!)
  • In Love with My Best Friend.
  • You are My Favorite Thought.
  • I Have a Crush on You.
  • Always Under the Same Sky.
  • I Love You and I Like You.
  • I Love You (pair it with "I Know" if you're a Star Wars fan)
  • It's You. It's Always Been You.

What should I write on a card with flowers?

Romantic Messages to Send with Flowers

  • I will love you 1, 2, 3, forever...
  • Because I love you bunches!
  • Have a beautiful day. ...
  • I do not think much, I do not think often, but when I think, I think of you!
  • My heart feels full of flowers whenever I'm with you!
  • I love you for all that you are and all that you do.

What can I write on a card to brighten someone's day?

Send an encouraging card with a message of warmth and hope.

  1. Hope your day is sunshine and flowers with happy thoughts to fill the house.
  2. You're in my thoughts.
  3. Every time you see these blooms, remember someone is thinking of you!
  4. You may be out of sight, but never out of mind.
  5. Hope this brightens your day!

How do you brighten someone's day with words?

  1. Remind someone they are in your thoughts. "You're my favorite daydream." — ...
  2. I only want to go if you'll be there. ...
  3. Get the message? ...
  4. You brighten my day. ...
  5. You are my reason to smile. ...
  6. Let them know they inspire you. ...
  7. There is so much about you to love. ...
  8. Tell them how you really feel.

What to write in a card to make someone feel better?


  1. “Hope you get to feeling better soon!”
  2. “Looking forward to seeing you back at practice when you're ready.”
  3. “Wishing you well.”
  4. “Take extra good care!”
  5. “Here's to you—steadier, stronger and better every day.”
  6. “We hope you're taking it slow and easy right now.”
  7. “Take your sweet time getting well!”

How do you make someone feel special?

70 Ways to Make Others Feel Special

  1. Pay Attention. Stop what you're doing and look directly into their eyes when they're talking. ...
  2. See Potential. Tell them you believe they can achieve their dream—and why. ...
  3. Give Generously. Give your time—to listen, to support, or to just enjoy each other's company. ...
  4. Be Affectionate. ...
  5. Share Yourself. ...
  6. Do Together. ...
  7. Be Together.

How do you make someone feel special in a text?

50 Super Simple Text Messages That Will Make Your Partner Feel Loved

  1. I dreamed about you all night.
  2. I love being close to you.
  3. The way you smell is my favorite thing.
  4. I love your smile.
  5. Thank you for being you.
  6. It makes me so happy to wake up with you.
  7. I'm crazy about you.
  8. I can't wait to throw my arms around you.

How do you make someone feel loved quotes?

28 Heart Warming Quotes for Someone Special

  1. I can't get enough of you because you're so special.
  2. Make her feel special.
  3. You're better than many!
  4. You are great, you are special.
  5. Happiness in my life is because of you.
  6. You've made my life better.
  7. Suddenly, everything in my life is about you.

What to say to make him blush?

13 Romantic Sweet Things to Say To Your Boyfriend

  • You inspire me to chase my dreams. ...
  • You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. ...
  • If I could just press pause, in this moment, I'd stay right here in your arms. ...
  • I want to know everything about you. ...
  • I fall in love with you every time you smile.

What are the best love messages?

Romantic Love Messages for Husband I choose you every day, and I'm so lucky you choose me, too. I didn't know what marrying your best friend meant until I met you. You're my first thought every morning and my last thought before I go to sleep. You inspire a love in me that I never knew was possible.

How do I make him feel special messages?

Text Messages to Encourage him at work

  1. “You've got this babe!”
  2. “You can do anything you put your mind to.”
  3. “I'm so proud of you!”
  4. “You inspire me baby.”
  5. “I know that you're gonna accomplish everything you've been working on. Keep pushing baby.”
  6. “Never doubt yourself for a second. You're amazing.”
  7. “Good luck today baby.”

What is a fancy word for love?

adoration. Great love, devotion, and respect. 107. 43. adore.