What was the sarcophagus made out of?

What was the sarcophagus made out of?


Which of the materials below were used in making an Egyptian coffin?

These complex coffins could be made of various materials and in different shapes, though the finest wooden coffins were made of cedar, while others were made of sycamore or acacia.

Who made coffins in ancient Egypt?


What was in the first coffin Tut?

It contained a plethora of stunning royal treasures as well, such as a dagger made from meteorite. Two of the three coffins were later transported to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo while the outer coffin was left in the king's tomb./span>

What was in the first coffin discovering Tut?

Answer: King Tut was buried in a coffin made of pure gold “lavished with glittering goods”. The gilded treasures found included precious collars, inland necklaces and bracelets, rings, amulets, a ceremonial apron, sandals, sheaths for his fingers and toes.

What all was found in King Tut's tomb?

This included statues, gold jewelry, Tutankhamun's mummy, chariots, model boats, canopic jars, chairs, and paintings. It was an amazing discovery and one of the most important made in the history of archeology. In all, there were over 5,000 objects in the tomb.

What did Carter do to remove mummy from the coffin?

Carter faced a lot of difficulties in separating Tut's mummy from its coffin. First of all, he tried to use the intense heat of the Egyptian sun to loosen the resins. For several hours he set the mummy outside in blazing sunshine that heated it to 149 degrees Fahrenheit./span>

Why did Carter have to detach Tut's mummy from the coffin?

What did Carter do to separate Tut's mummy from its solid gold bottom? Carter wanted to loosen the hardened resins. He put the body in the blazing sunshine.

Why did the procedure stop in between class 11?

Explanation: His death was always a mystery and scientists found his body after hundreds of years. His body was being taken out from his tomb for CT scans and X-rays to create a three-dimensional image. However, the scanner stopped the work and the procedure was paused for a while./span>

When was Tut's body taken for CT scan after being found A after 1 year B after 80 years C after 50 years d after 30 years?

Answer. Answer: It was cold and windy when the body of Emperor Tut's(an Egyptian king) body was taken for CT scan in January 2005./span>

Who said we are not afraid to die?

Captain James Cook

Is we are not afraid to die a real story?

The storyWe are not afraid to die” is connected to reality. In which a truly adventurous journey and description of true events occurred during that historic journey. ... All his story is narration of a real journey. In the story “The Adventure”, the character of this story does not go on a real journey./span>

What message does we're not afraid to die if we can all be together give?

The tile of the story "We are not afraid to die...if we can all be together." is about the positive attitude and endurance shown by the courageous family of the author in the face of the storm that had endangered their survival./span>

What was the silver that the author was once asked to clean by her mother?

Answer. Answer: The forks and spoons from which they ate everyday./span>

How did the grandmother look?

Khushwant Singh describes his grandmother as Short ,fat and a little Stooped. He also describes her as being not pretty in the traditional sense but her serenity made her beautiful as she always used to chant silent prayers from beads of rosary. She was always in spotless white./span>

What was the status of ship on January 3?

The boat was almost wrecked by the smashing waves and the pumps did not work. There was water everywhere in the boat. However, on the morning of 3rd January, the pumps were able to drain out sufficient water from the boat and so the situation was bit in control. They were also able to take two hours rest in rotation./span>

What happened on January 2 in Chapter We are not afraid to die?

Answer: A mighty wave hit the stem of their ship ' Wave walker' in the evening of 2nd January. A tremendous explosion shook the deck. A torrent of green and white water broke over the ship./span>

How did the narrator hurt himself on January 2?

On jan 2 the narrator got hurt because of a great explosion on the deck. His head was smashed into a wheel when the ship was broken by a huge wave./span>

Why and when did the captain send mayday calls what was the response?

On January 2 at 6 p.m. Wavewalker was hit and swept away by an ominous wavestorm. The captain and the crew tried their best to pump water out and steer the ship to safety. When nothing seemed to work well, May day calls or S.O.S. signals were sent for rescue and help./span>

Why did the captain get no replies for his May Day calls in the chapter we're not afraid to die if we can all be together?

The boat Wavewalker was not getting replies to its Mayday calls because the boat had reached a remote part of the sea where other ships did not go. ... Sue had been injured badly when the wave had hit the ship. Her head had swollen alarmingly./span>

Why did the captain get no response for his May Day calls?

Answer:The captain gets no replies for Mayday calls due to weak setallite signals because of heavy storm. Moreover, the call remains unanswered as help was quite impossible in that deadly storm./span>

What do you understand by Mayday calls in the chapter we're not afraid to die?

Mayday calls: Mayday calls are radiotelephonic words which signal aircrafts or ships in danger stuck in an extremely important and urgent disastrous situation, the author called out for help, in vain. Pinpricks in the vast ocean: This phrase expresses the insignificance of two small islands in the vast ocean.

Why did the speaker in we're not afraid to die if we can all be together believe now and again that they would die what made him want to fight the sea with all he had?

When the narrator went to comfort his children, his son asked him whether they were going to die. He tried to assure him that they would make it. His son replied that they were not afraid to die till they all were together. This filled the narrator with a determination to fight back./span>

Why was their condition desperate again on 5th January?

On 5th January, the situation was desperate. When the captain went to his children to comfort them, the small boy asked him innocently if they all were going to die but added that he did not mind dying as long as all were the family members were together.

Why did the narrator want her possessions?

Answer. Explanation: The narrator was shocked to see the 'nice belongings' of her mother being used in Mrs Dorling's house. She felt nostalgic and decided that she would not try to take them back, as they reminded her about the horrors of the war./span>