What artwork is famous in Chhattisgarh?

What artwork is famous in Chhattisgarh?

Amazing bamboo work, wood carvings, bell metal handicraft, tribal jewelry, figures of terracotta, clay pieces and paintings are some of the specialty from Chhattisgarh.

How old is Ellora?

These 34 monasteries and temples, extending over more than 2 km, were dug side by side in the wall of a high basalt cliff, not far from Aurangabad, in Maharashtra. Ellora, with its uninterrupted sequence of monuments dating from A.D. 600 to 1000, brings the civilization of ancient India to life.

How old is Kailasa Temple Ellora?

The Kailash Temple is the sixteenth cave, and it is one of the 32 cave temples and monasteries forming the magnanimous Ellora Caves. As per the historical records, it was built by the 8th century Rashtrakuta King Krishna I between the year 756 and 773 AD.

Which is better Ajanta or Ellora caves?

Ajanta caves are all on a single hill - horse-shoe shaped. The caves are closer when compared to Ellora. Ajanta is fully dedicated to Buddhism and is known for paintings rather than sculptures, unlike Ellora. Cave 1 is one of the best of the bunch there.

Which is the most famous culture on the island of Elephanta?

The main cave (Cave 1, or the Great Cave) was a Hindu place of worship until the Portuguese arrived, whereupon the island ceased to be an active place of worship....Elephanta Caves.
UNESCO World Heritage Site
The 6 metres (20 ft) high Trimurti sculpture
LocationElephanta Island, Maharashtra, India
CriteriaCultural: i, iii

How old is the oldest Hindu temple?

It is also considered as the oldest functional Hindu temple of India. The information plaque erected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) at the site indicates the dating of the temple to 625 CE. Hindu inscriptions dated 635 CE were found in the temple. The temple is a protected monument under ASI since 1915.

Which is temple city of Tamilnadu?


Why is Tamil Nadu called the land of temples?

Tamil Nadu has rightly earned the title “The Land of Temples”. More than 30,000 temples bear the character and distinct style belonging to different dynasties. The common feature that runs through them is the outward appearance and close resemblance owing to one common feature.

Which city is known as land of temples?


Which country is called the land of temples?