Who told pusha about Adonis?

Who told pusha about Adonis?

Kanye West

Why was the story of Adidon taken down?

It was taken down because it was uploaded by World Star Hip Hop, who doesn't have the right to post that copywritten content. He shares that Drake made a response to “Story of Adidon” but doesn't want the song to be released because the rap beef will get too personal. ...

What did Drake say about Pusha?

Drake has spoken about his feud with Pusha-T in a new interview, saying he doesn't want to mend their relationship. The pair have long taken shots at each other in their songs but their beef came to a head in 2018 when, on 'Infrared', Pusha-T referenced the claims that Drake used a ghostwriter called Quentin Miller.

What is Pusha T worth?

What is Pusha T's net worth? Pusha T is estimated to be worth around $15 million.

Are Drake and Kanye friends?

Drake made it clear he and Kanye West are no longer friends in a candid Christmas Day interview.

Who is more popular Kanye or Drake?

Both Kanye West and Drake are immensely popular music artists who've been extremely successful in their careers. According to YouGov, however, Drake is the 27th most popular rap and hip hop artist, while Kanye West just falls behind in 29th place.

Is the story of Adidon on Spotify?

The Story of Adidon - Single by Infinity Music | Spotify.