What is the significance of Pashupati seal?

What is the significance of Pashupati seal?

The Pashupati Seal is a steatite seal that was discovered at the Mohenjo-daro archaeological site of the Indus Valley Civilization. The seal depicts a seated figure that is possibly tricephalic (having three heads). It was once thought to be ithyphallic, an interpretation that is now mostly discarded.

What are Harappan seals?

Seals were used to make a sealing, or positive imprint, like this modern resin one made from the original seal. Sealings were used in ancient times for trade. They would be made on ceramics or the clay tags used to seal the rope around bundles of goods.

How many seals are found in Harappan site?

3,500 seals

Who discovered seal?

Sir Alexander Cunningham, who led the first excavations there in 1872-73 and published news of the seal, wrote 50 years before we understood that the Indus civilization had existed: "The most curious object discovered at Harappa is a seal, ... The seal is a smooth black stone without polish.

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What nationality is seal?


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Are seals friendly?

Are seals friendly? Seals are very intelligent creatures, and, as mammals, they do form social attachments. They've been shown to form social bonds with wildlife experts and caretakers. But seals are wild animals, and they can become aggressive and injure you.

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