How did the pace sister died?

How did the pace sister died?

Evangelist Duranice Pace, a member of family gospel group, The Anointed Pace Sisters, passed away from health complications on Janu. She was 62 years old.

Which pace sister just died?

Duranice Pace, a gospel singer and member of the group the Pace Sisters, passed away on Thursday (January 14). She was 62.

How old is Duranice pace?

Duranice Pace, a singer who was part of the gospel group the Pace Sisters, died on Thursday, her family announced. She was 62. On Jan. 5, the Pace family announced that she had been hospitalized.

Who is LaShun pace husband?

Divorced from her husband, Edward Rhodes, she raised her children on her own. In 2001, her eldest daughter Xenia, who had been the subject of bullying at school, died suddenly of a heart attack; the autopsy report showed she had an enlarged heart. Xenia's death sent LaShun into a deep depression.

What's wrong with Duranice pace?

When Pace appeared on Steve Harvey's show in 2019, she had revealed that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and had been attending physicians who had given her three years to live. According to a report in iHeartRadio, Duranice Pace's illness was the cause of her death. ... Duranice Pace's death shocked many fans.

Is the pace sisters mother still living?

Mother Bettie Ann Pace dies at the age of 82. She was mother of the sisters who are members of the gospel group Anointed Pace Sisters. ATLANTA — Bettie Ann Pace passed away last Tuesday at the age of 82, according to the family's social media pages.

Who is the youngest pace sister?

The group is made up of nine sisters who are: Duranice Ann Pace ( – Janu), Phyllis Yvonne Pace (born Febru), June Lorraine Pace–Martin (born Febru), Tarrian LaShun Pace (born Septem), Melonda Pace (born Decem), Dejuaii Pace (born Ap), ...

Who is Mother pace?

Bettie Ann Pace