How does the movie Jericho end?

How does the movie Jericho end?

Now to dissect what Jake and Hawkins did this episode, which was extremely cut-and-dried and only a bit exciting. In simple terms, they went to Cheyenne, killed some people, obtained the bomb, drove into the Texas embassy, flew a plane, landed a plane, the end.

Where did Jake from Jericho go for 5 years?

Having previously been deliberately misleading and vague about his past, Jake came clean to Eric and explained what he did during his absence: Jake served as a private military contractor for Jennings & Rall in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Will there be a Jericho Season 3?

Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a comic book limited series of six issues that continues the storyline of the CBS television show Jericho. It was written by Jason M....
Jericho Season 3: Civil War
Created byJericho Writing Staff
Written byDan Shotz Robert Levine
Penciller(s)Alejandro F. Giraldo

What was the city of Jericho known for?

Commonly known as “the oldest city in the world,” Jericho is an important historical, cultural, and political center located northwest of the Dead Sea. The city is perhaps best known from the Biblical story of a great victory over its Canaanite citizens by the Israelite leader Joshua.