How can I fill up ration card online?

How can I fill up ration card online?

How To Apply Online for Ration Card UP :

  1. For Ration Card online apply, the beneficiary will have to go to the Official Site.
  2. Now Click on Link Ration Card online apply.
  3. Now Fill Mobile No and and Click next.
  4. you will receive an OTP on your mobile number.
  5. Fill the OTP No.

How can I check my name in ration card in UP?

How do I check my name in the ration card in UP?

  1. Visit the official website of the UP Ration Card.
  2. Find the NFSA List.
  3. Select your District.
  4. Choose Your Area.
  5. Select Shopper Names.
  6. Select your name or Ration Card Number.

How can I check my ration card status in Chhattisgarh?

Citizens of Chhattisgarh can collect all the information about CG Ration card from the official portal of the concerned department. The link of the cg khadya portal is

How can I make ration card in Chhattisgarh?

Procedure to Apply for Ration Card

  1. Step 1: The applicant has to visit the official website of Chhattisgarh Government.
  2. Step 2: Click on “Application letter for ration card” which is displayed on the home page of the portal.
  3. Step 3: Now, the applicant can able to download the application form for a ration card.

What is full form of NFSA?

The National Food Security Act, 2013 (NFSA 2013) converts into legal entitlements for existing food security programmes of the Government of India. ... It includes the Midday Meal Scheme, Integrated Child Development Services scheme and the Public Distribution System.

What is APL or BPL?

Above Poverty Line (APL) ration cards that were issued to households living above the poverty line (as estimated by the Planning Commission). ... Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration cards that were issued to households living below the poverty line. These households received 25-35 kilograms of food grain.

Who is eligible for AAY ration card?

All household headed by Minor. All Households with no adult member between age 15 and 59 including all households headed by a person of 60 years of age or more with no assured means of subsistence or-social support. Household headed by disabled member and with no able bodied adult member.

Can a person have two ration cards?

IN the application for Ration Card, you will have to confirm that you do not have any existing Ration Card in your name. Any person having two Ration Cards in his name is liable for prosecution and cancellation of the card.

What does aay mean?

Antyodaya Anna Yojana

What is non Subsidised ration card in West Bengal?

The Mamata Banerjee government is issuing 'non-subsidised ration cards', which it says can be used as identity proof apart from Aadhaar, PAN and voter identity cards. ... In this process, we can save the government money and also keep the ration dealers under check as they tend to misappropriate funds.

How can I link my Aadhar card with ration card?

Link Aadhar to Ration Card – Online

  1. Visit the official web portal of Aadhar CardUIDAI webpage.
  2. Click on the 'Start Now' option.
  3. Proceed further and enter your address details – district and state.
  4. Select the benefit type as 'Ration Card' from the available options.
  5. Choose the scheme name as 'Ration Card'.

How many ration cards are there in West Bengal?

three types

How can I change my ration card online in West Bengal?

Change Name or Other Details in Ration Card

  1. First of all you have to go to the official website of the department of food and supplies, government of West Bengal. ...
  2. On the homepage of the website, you have to click on the option of “change name or other details in Ration card” under the citizen tab.

How can I transfer my ration card after marriage in West Bengal?

Apply In-Person Applicant shall apply with their respective ration shop for transferring traditional ration card to PDS smart card. Go to the respective shop and submit your valid ration card and follow authority's guidelines. Please obtain the application form as per requirement.

What is PHH ration card in West Bengal?

PHH (Priority Households) Households having PHH ration cards are issued 8 kgs of rice monthly per Beneficiaries at the rate of 5 Kgs at the rate of Rs. 3/- and 3 kgs at the rate of Rs. 15/- per kg. 5 kgs is Central Scheme under National Security Act-2013 and 3 kgs is the state scheme.

What is white ration card?

As per the annual income, people are given ration cards with different colours assigned to each category. The 'yellow card' is issued to people who live below the poverty line. ... The 'white card' is issued to those whose annual income is above Rs. 1 lakh.

How do you convert PHH to NPHH?

To change your NPHH to PHH ration card first you need the respective household needs to apply for all the above Eligibility list. PHH Ration card – The full form for PHH Ration card is ” Priority HouseHolder “. Here we cover the details about the NPHH Benefits & Online Apply.

What is PHH and NPHH?

The new NFSA system categorizes households mainly into two: Priority Household (PHH) and Non-priority Household (NPHH). The households fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be considered as priority households for inclusion in the NFSA and their ration card is known as Priority Household Ration Card.

What is PH ration card in Jharkhand?

The ration card issued to the citizens of the Jharkhand according to their financial condition. ... While the white ration cards are given to those whose annual income is more than 1 lakh rupees. And the P.H ration card consists of two types of ration card viz.

How many ration cards are there in Tamilnadu?

Sl. No.Type of CardNo. of Cards
3.Sugar Cards/td>
4.Police Cards61,061
5.No Commodity Cards60,827

What is white ration card in Tamilnadu?

Sugar cards ( White) : are issued to cardholders opting for sugar instead of rice. Cardholders can buy all other essential commodities, except rice. Sugar card holders are eligible to get an additional 3 kg. of sugar in lieu of rice.

How wealthy is Tamil Nadu?

Economy of Tamil Nadu

Who started ration system in Tamilnadu?

M Karunanidhi

How many ration shops are there in TamilNadu?

Public Distribution System(PDS)
1Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation1,455
2Cooperatives (Under R.C.S)32,827
3Other Co-operatives476
4Women fair price shops,including Self Help Groups411