How do you care for a Jericho flower?

How do you care for a Jericho flower?

Change the water every day or so and give it a water-free rest day each week. Every couple of weeks, let the plant dry out completely. If you'd like, you can put false Rose of Jericho in soil after it's been in water for a while and starts to form roots. Keep the soil fairly moist.

What is a resurrection flower?

The rose of Jericho is also known as the Resurrection flower because the plant seems to come to life after dying.

Does the Rose of Jericho bloom?

This plant grows little white flowers when fully hydrated, but it must actually root in soil to revive, which makes it a little harder to care for. It's the only plant in the Anastatica genus and is a member of the mustard family.

How much water does a Rose of Jericho need?

Rose of Jericho Water Needs Saturate the soil until the excess water dribbles from the bottom of the pot or until the surrounding soil feels moist in the top 6 to 12 inches. Decrease water slightly during the autumn and winter, letting the surface dry out slightly between waterings.

Why is the Rose of Jericho known as a resurrection plant?

Known as a "resurrection plant", S. lepidophylla is renowned for its ability to survive almost complete desiccation. During dry weather in its native habitat, its stems curl into a tight ball, uncurling only when exposed to moisture.

How big does a resurrection plant get?

5cm tall