Who is the English voice actor for hisoka?

Who is the English voice actor for hisoka?

Keith Silverstein

Who is the real Jin Mori?

God Sun Wukong

Who voices Mori in god of high school?

Tatsumaru TachibanaThe God of High School

Is Jin Mori based off Goku?

In essence, The God of High School has seemingly all but confirmed that Mori shares the same source of inspiration as Dragon Ball's Goku, and may just be a modern incarnation of the Monkey King himself.

Could Mori Jin beat Goku?

If they fough starting whit base powers and gradually transform, using stronger and stronger skills, Mori would learn Goku phisical skills, and would continue to grow till Goku reached his limits, and would overpower Goku by the end. But if they both wanted to win, Goku would defeat Mori before he adapted.

Who is Jin Mori wife?

Lee Sujin lying to Jin Taejin about the results of her match with Jin Mori She is seen once more, saving Jin Taejin with Gang Manseok and Ma Bora accompanying her. While defeating a couple guards, Jin Taejin comments on how he's glad she survived.

What fruits did Jin Mori eat?

The Sage Pill or Spirit Fruit is a special fruit from the Sage Realm that is easily found anywhere especially in the Mount Hwagwa region.

What happens to Mori Jin?

History. After Park Mubong betrayed Jin Mori and his grandfather, Jin Mori lost control over his godly power, accidentally killing Dan Ahan's parents and crippling her leg.

Is Mori Jin a key?

While the series has spent the past few episodes strongly suggesting that its protagonist Jin Mori, the renewal taekwondo user, is secretly the Key -- as one would expect -- Episode 10, "oath/meaning," reveals this suggestion is a red herring. The Key's real identity is actually his current rival, Park Ilpyo.

Who killed Jin taejin?

Park Mubong

Is Goku the Monkey King?

The Japanese name of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, is Son Goku. ... A number of images of Sun Wukong show him on a cloud with a staff, similar how Goku in the original Dragon Ball Series is shown with Nimbus and his staff.

Is the Monkey King the strongest God?

well,for most chinese people,sun wukong is the most powerful person. He can go to the heavens easily,he can deal with so many difficult things. Sun Wukong has great power. He can get out of the stone and jump to the sky.

What disturbs handsome monkey king?

Answer Expert Verified In this classic Chinese tale "Journey To the West" the thing that most disturbs the Monkey King are the demons that he encounters on hi epic journey. He casts spells to defeat them.

How old is Mori Jin?

Age: 18 biologically, well over 5.

Is Mori Jin a supreme God?

Webtoon Debut Tathagata is a God that ordered Sun Wukong to travel to India. Long time before the God of High School event, he was the Supreme God, a being beyond even the Gods.

Who is faster Goku or Jin Mori?

Goku for sure has higher DC and AP, but Mori is faster. ... Goku's too powerful, but Mo-Ri is too fast.

Does Yoo Mira like Jin Mori?

Mori does not love Mira, as in the end, their relationship only extends as far as really close friends, or perhaps even something akin to siblings. In fact, in the webtoon, Mira already shares a romantic relationship with Daewi.