Who is the strongest character in Yu Yu Hakusho?

Who is the strongest character in Yu Yu Hakusho?

Yu Yu Hakusho: 15 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

  • 8 Saizou.
  • 7 Enki.
  • 6 Yomi.
  • 5 Mukuro.
  • 4 Genkai.
  • 3 Shinobu Sensui.
  • 2 Raizen.
  • 1 Yusuke Urameshi.

Why did Yu Yu Hakusho end so abruptly?

For perspective, Togashi worked on Yu Yu Hakusho from 24 to 27. He ended it because the physical, mental, and emotional strain of weekly Jump deadlines killed his interest in going any further.

Was Yu Yu Hakusho Cancelled?

The editors of the publication tried to make Togashi reconsider cancelling Yu Yu Hakusho, though he justified his decision by stating that it would simply be replaced by another popular series. Togashi was relieved at the conclusion of the manga.

Is Kurama a boy or a girl?

Character Profile: Kurama
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Why is Yusuke so strong?

Yusuke has the ability to channel his spirit energy into a single point creating a powerful concentrated blast of energy. This is something Freiza could do and destroy a planet with.

Is Yusuke S Class?

Yusuke, the hero, who is a demon-human hybrid with upper tier S-Class power. ... He does later ascend to S-Class at the end of the manga and in Eizo Hakusho by the time of the second Demon World Tournament. In Demon World, there are only about 20 known demons in this class.

Can Goku beat Yusuke?

Yusuke Urameshi may have the power of a pure demon and even sacred energy if viewers want anime feats, but Goku has become so beyond him that it is very unlikely that he would beat him.

Is Kurama stronger than Hiei?

He's physically stronger and faster and has full knowledge on Kurama while Kurama is still the most intelligent character in the whole series and despite Hiei's knowledge could still potentially outsmart anyone even those who do have knowledge on him.

Why did raizen stop eating humans?

Raizen's relationship with the human girl he fell in love with and his decision to stop eating humans for good both reference the possibilities for Meruem's character from Togashi's other work, Hunter X Hunter.

Does Hiei tell Yukina?

It was never told. It was never told. Anyway, it wouldn't make a big difference. Yukina wasn't really actively looking for her brother after being saved and stayed.

Can Hiei beat Toguro?

DT Finals Hiei beats any version of Toguro up to 100%.

Is Hiei a bad guy?

In the end, Hiei goes from being a one-note villain at the beginning of the series to being a valuable member of Team Urameshi and then being tasked with escorting lost humans out of the demon world. Though he never truly loses his killer instinct, it is still one giant step above the villain he was at the start.

Who is stronger Sensui vs Toguro?

Sensui is 2 classes above Toguro. So it's no contest, Sensui would win.

Can Hiei beat Sasuke?

Sasuke was certainly faster than Hiei given his light speed reactions through scaling to Naruto, and technically he went through superior training, so there's certainly a few versions of this fight where he could use those advantages to take the win.

Is Hiei stronger than Naruto?

Demon hiei can still win against Naruto's sage mode if it is allowed. But still Hiei has more experience then Naruto when it comes to this. Hiei, easily.

Who is stronger Sasuke or Hiei?

Sasuke is quite literally a stronger and more verstaile rip-off of Hiei. sasuke has no hax and Mukoro has better abilities than Kamui so ability wise Mukoro is far superior to sasuke, as for speed well good lucky with that.

Is Sasuke based on Hiei?

Sasuke Uchiha is the one of the main characters in the series. He is currently the only character in the series who can match up to Naruto Uzumaki. ... Kishimoto also said that Sasuke's character was influenced by Hiei fromYu Yu Hakusho, stating that he referenced Hiei when making his character and his Sharingan.

Who is Hiei father?

King Enma

Is Yusuke stronger than Naruto?

So there is no doubt in my mind that Yusuke is stronger and more powerful than Naruto, so it becomes a speed fight in my mind because if Naruto is faster he has enough utility to kill Yusuke.

Can Yusuke beat Luffy?

Both easily topped by sensui, who was demolished by end of chapter black yusuke. In around three seconds. ... other than in the end f it all Luffy would eventually beat Yusuke.

Is Yusuke the strongest?

End Yusuke was one of the most powerful beings in his universe, and that's really overlooked by a lot of people. No, he wasn't as strong as the Demon Kings, but they had centuries upon centuries longer to train than he did, and even though he was mostly human, Yusuke still came close. He was absolutely incredible.

Who killed Genkai?


Who is stronger Yusuke or Goku?

Goku's universe has a greater degree of power than characters in the YYH-verse. So Goku would be stronger. EoS Yusuke is Raditz level at best, and thats being generous. He's more in line with 23rd World Tournament Goku and Piccolo/Majunior.

Who would win Yusuke or Naruto?

So in terms of attack potency and durability potency, Naruto would destroy Yusuke by a mile, even before receiving Six Paths Chakra from Hagoromo.

Is Yusuke stronger than Ichigo?

Yusuke is half demon and that could give him an advantage but Ichigo also has the hollow mask. ... Close range would probably be Ichigo. While Yusuke has proven his strength time and time again against many opponents, Ichigo's bankai and hollow form greatly increase his speed making him difficult to keep up with.

Who is Yusuke Urameshi best friend?

Souketsu - After the Death of Raizen, he began allying with Yusuke and participated with him in the Makai Tournament where he fought against Jin, a Best Friend of Urameshi.

How strong is Sensui?

Powers and Abilities. Sensui was a very powerful human, noted himself to have more than ten times the spiritual energy than Yusuke in their fight.