How did Jericho lose his voice?

How did Jericho lose his voice?

Unfortunately, there came a time where Jericho and Adeline were attacked and held hostage by enemies of Slade. Although Slade was able to kill his opponents, Jericho's throat was slashed as a casualty. He made a successful recovery but lost his voice as a result and began communicating via American Sign Language.

Is Jericho really dead in Titans?

After being teased last week, the latest episode of Titans reveals that Jericho's conscience is being stored inside Deathstroke's body, despite his body being killed years ago in a battle between Slade Wilson and Robin.

Who is Aqualads boyfriend?

After plenty of speculation from fans, the DC Universe animated series Young Justice finally confirmed the sexuality of Kaldur'ahm, who now goes by the code name Aquaman, in last week's episode. During a trip to Atlantis, Kaldur shares a tender kiss with an Atlantean guard named Wyynde.

Is Aqualad Aquaman's son?

Young Justice. In the Young Justice animated series, Aqualad (voiced by Khary Payton) was first seen as the protege of Aquaman. ... In-between seasons one and two of the series, he uncovered he was in fact the son of Black Manta.

Why did aqualad turn evil?

Aqualad was the de facto leader of the junior group of DC heroes for much of Young Justice's Season 1, and he worked undercover as an antagonist in Season 2, parlaying his grief over Tula's death as a justifiable reason to turn on his former allies to work with both his father, Black Manta, and The Light.

Who married aqualad?

3 He Was Married to Dolphin The two actually had a rather touching ceremony in Atlantis, surrounded by other members of the Titans. Garth and Dolphin would raise their son together for several years going forward. The two would also remain married all the way up to DC's New 52 relaunch in 2011.

Does aqualad die in Titans?

Superman & Lois Premiere! 1992 – 2014) was a member of the Titans, known as Aqualad. He was killed by Deathstroke, which discouraged and disbanded the original roster of the team.

Why is Aquaman bulletproof?

Aquaman is usually bullet resistant like Wonder Woman. small caliber would be like a BB gun, medium might leave a welt and high would pierce skin. its explained as his skin is adapted to being in high pressures underwater so its thicker.

Can Aquaman's trident kill Superman?

Seeing Poseidon's Trident is one of the most powerful magical weapons in DC Comics, then obviously it can cut Superman. Even though Aquaman doesn't uses the Trident full power. ... More so they believe he's as vulnerable to magic as a human is vulnerable to magic.

Can Thor take a bullet?

However, there are few instances in the Marvel comics where Thor has taken hits from bullets (and full-on military ordinances) and survived. ... Now, Thor has been killed in several comic appearances — but never by a bullet.

Does Aquaman kill?

Not only does Aquaman intend to kill some of his foes, but he has accidentally killed people as well, such as the father of his nemesis, Black Manta, who learned to hate Aquaman because of this. Despite Aquaman's killings, he still remains a hero for his many triumphs and the empathy he often shows to enemies.

Why is Aquaman the true King?

With mastery over the Lost Trident of Atlan, he commanded the Karathen, and he gained control over the Trench, and all the creatures of the sea. Arthur became the one true King of Atlantis - not the little kingdom that was Orm's, but all of Atlantis.

Is Aquaman Ariel's father?

Ariel is the youngest daughter of Aquaman and Aquawoman and the little sister of Arthur Curry Jr. She inherited her father's ability to communicate with sea creatures but also can talk to land creatures as well.

Who is the strongest Olympian god?


Why is Poseidon the most powerful god?

Poseidon is a god in Greek mythology and one of the Twelve Olympians. He is one of the three most powerful Greek gods (along with Zeus and Hades) and rules over the ocean and all bodies of water. He was especially important to Greek sailors and fisherman.

Who is stronger than Zeus?


Who is the strongest god in Hinduism?

Param Brahma