How do I get to Anjanadri Hills?

How do I get to Anjanadri Hills?

How to Reach :

  1. By Air. The nearest airports is Jindal Vijaynagar Airport (72.

    How can I reach Kishkindha?

    Rail: The closest railway station is the Hospet Junction, located at a distance of 13 kilometres. The station is well connected with trains from cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa. Road: The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation runs regular bus services from Bangalore, Mysore and Gokarna to Hampi.

    Which God is born in Karnataka?

    Lord Hanuman

    Who is Hanuman's son?


    Who is lord Hanuman's wife?


    Who killed Mahiravana?


    Why is Krishna More Popular Than Rama?

    Lord Krishna is more popular than lord Ram because Lord Krishna attracted our mind towards him and he is also known as man mohak. ... Lord Krishna lived as God because he had to kill many demons but lord Ram had to kill only Ravana. So Lord Krishna is more popular than Lord Ram.

    Who comes first Ram or Krishna?

    Shri Rama came first. Shri Rama was 7th Incarnation of God Maha Vishnu. Shri Krishna was 8th Incarnation of God Maha Vishnu.

    Who is better Rama or Krishna?

    Both had equal powers and chivalry because they both were incarnation of sheshnaga in his human form and both possessed nearly same qualities of heart and body- be it extreme anger, show of power , extreme love for ram and krishna in respective cases and so on.

    Is Ravana Sita's father?

    Ravana's daughter: In Sanghadasa's Jaina version of Ramayana, and also in Adbhuta Ramayana, Sita, entitled Vasudevahindi, is born as the daughter of Ravana. ... Thus, Ravana abandons her and orders the infant to be buried in a distant land where she is later discovered and adopted by Janaka.