What are the types of farming?

What are the types of farming?

Farming are three types:-

  • Intensive subsistence farming:-
  • Primitive subsistence farming:-
  • Shifting cultivation:-
  • Commercial grain farming:-
  • Commercial mixed farming:-
  • Commercial plantation farming:-

What are three types of crops?

Cropping Seasons
S. NoCropping SeasonCrops
1.RabiWheat, barley, peas, gram, mustard etc.
2.KharifRice, maize, jowar, bajra, tur, moong, urad, cotton, jute, groundnut, soybean etc.
3.ZaidSeasonal fruits, vegetables, fodder crops etc.

Which one is not kharif crop?

Barley and Mustard are not Kharif crops and Bajara ,Maize,Rice,Jowar,Sugarcane,Groundnut are Kharif crops.

Which crop is known as poor man's meat?


Which crop is called as king of cereal crops?


Which crop is known as Queen of for ages?

Corn or maize is a cereal grain that belongs to the family 'gramineae' and is known as the 'Queen of Cereals' because of its several uses. The scientific name of corn is Zea mays. Each and every part of the maize can be used to produce a variety of food and non-food products.

What is the king of all fruits?


Who is the queen of fruit?


Which fruit is the juiciest?


Which is the biggest fruit?

So far, the largest known fruit was a pumpkin, grown by a human, rather than naturally in the wild. Produced in 2014, it weighed more than a tonne, topping the scales at a mouth-watering 1056kg. This freakish fruit is not quite as outlandish as it may first seem.

What is the most popular fruit in the world?


What was the first fruit on Earth?


Do apples make you fat?

Bottom Line: Apples are high in water and soluble fiber but low in calories. Eating whole, solid apples may help you consume fewer calories and contribute to weight loss over time.

Which apples are healthier red or green?

Green apples have less sugar and carbs, and more fiber, protein, potassium, iron, and vitamin K, taking the lead as a healthier variety, although the differences are ever so slight. The only major difference in nutrition is that of vitamin A, which is almost twice more in green apples as compared to red apples.