What happened in history V Gordon Childe?

What happened in history V Gordon Childe?

Gordon Childe, the author of the delightful book "What Happened in History," died 50 years ago. ... Childe originally published it in 1942 (though he continued to revise and insert editorial notes into the text until the time of his death in 1957), making occasional asides about Nazism and other aspects of his times.

What are 2 effects of the Neolithic Revolution?

Neolithic populations generally had poorer nutrition, shorter life expectancies, and a more labor-intensive lifestyle than hunter-gatherers. Diseases jumped from animals to humans, and agriculturalists suffered from more anemia, vitamin deficiencies, spinal deformations, and dental pathologies.

What was a result of the agricultural or neolithic revolution?

The agricultural revolution had a variety of consequences for humans. It has been linked to everything from societal inequality—a result of humans' increased dependence on the land and fears of scarcity—to a decline in nutrition and a rise in infectious diseases contracted from domesticated animals.

How long did the Neolithic Age last?

The Neolithic lasted (in that part of the world) until the transitional period of the Chalcolithic from about 6,500 years ago (4500 BCE), marked by the development of metallurgy, leading up to the Bronze Age and Iron Age. In other places the Neolithic followed the Mesolithic and then lasted until later.