Was the Neolithic revolution good for human society?

Was the Neolithic revolution good for human society?

Besides societal changes, the Neolithic Revolution also had biological effects. Greater numbers of people living in smaller spaces meant that infectious diseases were more easily transmitted. Furthermore, many animal-borne diseases were quickly spread to humans due to closer quarters than before.

What are the features of Neolithic Age?

The stage is characterized by stone tools shaped by polishing or grinding, dependence on domesticated plants or animals, settlement in permanent villages, and the appearance of such crafts as pottery and weaving. In this stage, humans were no longer dependent on hunting, fishing, and gathering wild plants.

What are two important facts about jobs in the Neolithic Age?


What is the main occupation of Neolithic Age?


How was the wheel used in the Neolithic Age?

One of the remarkable achievements of the Neolithic Period was the invention of wheel. It brought a rapid progress in man's life. The wheel was used in horse-carts and bullock-carts that helped man a lot to carry heavy loads. ... The wheel was also used for spinning and weaving.

What brought the Stone Age to an end?

The Stone Age marks a period of prehistory in which humans used primitive stone tools. Lasting roughly 2.

Why is the Stone Age divided into three parts?

The Stone Age ended when people discovered the art of smelting (making metals). ... The Stone Age is divided by archaeologists (people who study relics) into three sections: Paleolithic ("old stone"), Mesolithic ("middle stone"), and Neolithic ("new stone").