Did Neanderthals have big noses?

Did Neanderthals have big noses?

Neanderthals are one of our closest ancient human relatives, but their faces differed from our own in a few characteristic ways. As well as a heavy brow ridge and large front teeth, the middle of their face protruded and they had a large, broad nose. In comparison, our own faces are much flatter.

How do we know what Neanderthals looked like?

What did Neanderthals look like? Neanderthals had a long, low skull (compared to the more globular skull of modern humans) with a characteristic prominent brow ridge above their eyes. Their face was also distinctive. The central part of the face protruded forward and was dominated by a very big, wide nose.

Where did Neanderthals migrate from?

The ancestors of humans and Neanderthals lived about 600,000 years ago in Africa. The Neanderthal lineage left the continent; the fossils of what we describe as Neanderthals range from 200,000 years to 40,000 years in age, and are found in Europe, the Near East and Siberia.

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about 46 degrees Fahrenheit

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