How were the farming methods developed by the Aztec and the Inca similar?

How were the farming methods developed by the Aztec and the Inca similar?

The Mayan developed many farming techniques including Slash-and-Burn techniques to help with farming in their area. The Aztecs made Chinampas or floating gardens to help maximize the amount of space on their small island. The Incas used terraces and other farming methods to help farm on the tall mountains.

What are some similarities between the Aztecs and the Inca?


  • Both Incas and Aztecs participated in human sacrifices.
  • Both had very developed civilization.
  • Both were conquered by Spain. ( Aztec by Herman Cortes, Inca by Francisco Pizarro)
  • Both believed in idols (polygamy)
  • Both depended on agriculture.
  • Both believed and worshiped a sun god.

What is the relationship between agriculture and the Inca?

Rather than being taxed on their production, farmers were required to work on the lands of the emperor and the state religion for designated periods. On the state lands, the Incas provided the inputs—seeds, fertilizer, and tools—to farmers. The farmers contributed their labor.

What agricultural technique did the Maya and Aztec have in common?

One difference between the Mayas and the Aztecs is that they have different methods of farming. The Mayans use the method of slash and burn but the Aztecs use chinampas. Chinampas are floating gardens.

What is the similarities between Mayans and Aztecs?

Both the Mayans and Aztec also built pyramids to honor their gods. The pyramid was the center of the city, showing religious importance to both civilizations. Economically, both the Mayans and Aztec had agricultural economies. They also both bolstered their economy with selling woven goods and jewelry.

What is the difference between Mayan and Aztec?

The Maya were native people of Mexico and Central America, while Aztec covered most of northern Mesoamerica between c. 1345 and 1521 CE, whereas Inca flourished in ancient Peru between c. 1400 and 1533 CE and extended across western South America. ... The Maya used two calendars.

What were the strengths of the Aztec empire?

- Well organized military. The Aztecs had an elite group warriors that allowed them to exploit the riches of their area. - They knew the land well. They hunted and also explored the land all around where they lived.

What are the similarities between the Mayans Aztecs and Incas?

The civilizations of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca that once flourished in Central and South America shared common elements. People practiced farming, developed social structures, raised armies, and worshipped many gods. The three civilizations were as diverse as the terrains in which they lived.

Why are Aztecs better than Incas?

In Conclusion, the Aztec Empire is more advanced than the Inca Empire because of their religion, maintenance in power and military. The Aztecs were more religious and were more devoted to their religion than the Incas were.

Did the Mayans and Aztecs ever meet?

1. There is some indirect evidence that the Aztecs were aware of the Mayan presence in the Yucatan. In fact, it was because of the Maya that Cortez was able to find and defeat the Aztecs. The Maya did not help him, although a Spaniard who had been shipwrecked years before did.

What was the Aztecs greatest achievement?

Science and Technology One of the Aztecs' most remarkable technological achievements was the construction of their island city, Tenochtitlán. The Aztecs enlarged the area of the city by creating artificial islands called chinampas. Today, flower farmers in Xochimilco, near Mexico City, still use chinampas.

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