How do you Unflag Albion?

How do you Unflag Albion?

A player can flag/unflag by clicking the light blue emblem to the right of their characters name (shown above). Beware, flagging up enables a debuff called “criminal”, which prevents the flagged player from flagging down instantly.

How do you get Faction points in Albion?

Flagged players receive faction points and faction standing for collecting fame via PvE, gathering, fishing, and outpost capturing (see below). The amount of faction points earned depends on the amount of fame the player receives - however, the cluster bonus does not apply.

How do you get faction points?

Faction Points are awarded for doing activities while being faction flagged. Different activities award different amounts of faction points. Faction points are part of the faction warfare system introduced with the Merlyn Update.

How do you get adventurer token Albion?

Adventurer Token (T6) This token is achieved by salvaging an Adventurer's Challenge Avatar Ring. It can be exchanged for special rewards at the Vanity Merchant.

How do I leave a faction in Albion?

Click the flag to the right of your name plate to unflag as that faction then you can enter anywhere again.

How do I leave a faction?

Leaving a faction as a member is relatively simple. All you have to do is click on the hand-shaking icon to bring up your diplomacy screen. From here, you need to click on the flag of a specific country to pull up their unique diplomacy screen. You can manage several things from here, including leaving the faction.

How do you leave a faction in torn?


  1. To withdraw a faction application go to Preferences, and click the 'Management' tab where you will be able to cancel any outgoing applications.
  2. Factions are one of the most popular activities in Torn. ...
  3. A faction's success may be measured by its total current respect and the upgrades that it has.

How do you chain in torn city?

Torn City Guides

  1. Chaining is a way for factions to earn Respect for the Upgrades we all benefit from on a daily basis.
  2. By collectively making hits, we increase a "Chain Counter", which gives us a respect multiplier.
  3. A 5 Minute timer restarts after each hit.

Can you build Albion online?

Player Islands and Guild Islands are a player's personal piece of land where buildings, farms, houses, and pastures can be constructed. Ownership can be bought in any of the major cities in Albion and can be further upgraded by a tier system. Each tier offers more land to build on than the previous tier.