How do you get focus on Albion?

How do you get focus on Albion?

Focus Points generate automatically while you have Premium Status active. While your character has Premium status, you will generate 10,000 Focus Points per day. When you reach 30,000 Focus Points, you will not gain any more until some have been spent.

How do you get learning points in Albion online?

Players that have activated 30-day Premium on their character will receive a one-time bonus of 200 Learning Points and will passively generate additional Learning Points at a rate of 20 points per day. Learning Points are generated over a 24-hour period of time and not given at one specific time in the day.

Can you respec in Albion online?

To manual respec select the skill/node in the Destiny Board that you wish to respec. Click on the level X/100 (see images in gallery). Once selected the respec dialog will show. ... Repeat as necessary for all nodes or skills.

How do you get money in Albion?

Money Making Methods

  1. Solo Dungeons (Combat based)
  2. Gathering (Skill based)
  3. Trading (No skill requirements)
  4. Crafting which mostly requires skills in the specialized item as well as premium and selling the items.
  5. Refining which requires skills and premium for crafting focus and selling the items.

How do I get silver Albion?

The 6 best ways to make silver in Albion Online

  1. Number 1 – Gathering and refining. First on the list is gathering. ...
  2. Number 2 – Following the trader's path. The trader path is all about relocating items from one market to another. ...
  3. Number 3 – Farming. You were probably expecting this part, so here it is. ...
  4. Number 4 – PvP. ...
  5. Number 6 – Convert your gold.

What does Albion premium do?

Premium Benefits Increased skill progression with a 50% Fame Bonus. Ability to buy a player island (with a minimum 30 days' Premium) Collect 50% Silver and loot from mobs. 50% increased Gathering yield (does not impact Laborers)