How do you get Emmie?

How do you get Emmie?

Finding Emmie

  1. You can begin this quest by speaking to the dog standing outside the Caverns entrance in the southern end of Fort Joy. If spoken with enough, he will ask you to find Emmie.
  2. The key he gives you lets you get into the castle and move around within.
  3. Inside the castle, there will be several dogs. Emmie is one of them.

How would Mighty Braccus douse a man on fire?

Cast Raining Blood first to put out the Hellfire condition, then immediately cast Bless to remove the Cursed condition. (If you don't have the Blood Rain skill, attack your own character to create some blood. Using the elf skill Flesh Sacrifice near him will also douse the flames, allowing him to be blessed.)

Where is the Tower of Braccus Rex?

There's vines north of where the hidden jar cave was, or there's a path from the dragon desert area. Both of these will lead you to a maze, at the other end of the maze is the tower. Alternatively if you've completed the soul jar cave there's a statue that will teleport you right inside.

How do you open the Braccus Rex shrine?

The entrance is located in the middle of the Ruined Castle to the north. Use the Bless skill to lift the curse. Use a Source point to activate the monolith.

How do you escape Fort joy dungeon?

There are multiple ways to escape Fort Joy: The straightforward way is to kill the 4 magisters at the gate, pick up the key, make your way inside the fort, then you can fight your way out. If you choose to go north once inside the gates, you can meet a paladin near the port who is also fighting magisters.

How do you sneak in Divinity 2?


  1. Default Key: [ C ] to enter/exit sneaking.
  2. Default Key: [ LShift ] to view NPC sight cones*
  3. If you have 1 or more levels in Thievery, Sneak mode will also allow you to Pickpocket NPCs.
  4. Sneaking levies a movement penalty of 30%.