Which soul jar is Withermoore's?

Which soul jar is Withermoore's?

The quest Withermoore's Soul Jar is one of the many found within Divinity: Original Sin 2. The quest can be started by entering the Caverns, an area found at the back of Fort Joy. Once in the Caverns, you need to find a hidden hatch, which is located in the sand, in a corner where the sun is beaming down.

What is a soul jar?

The Soul Jar is a trope commonly accepted in popular and it refers to a container or an object which holds all or part of a person's soul (or life, or heart) outside of their body; this makes that person immortal and/or invulnerable.

Where is all of Braccus Rex armor?

Armor Piece: Heart of the Tyrant Outside of Braccus Rex's tower, you will find a shipwreck along with an entrance to a cavern. Enter the cavern and make your way to the coordinates (703, 502). This is the treasure room where you can pick up the Chest Armor of Braccus Rex along with a few other useful items.

Can you heal Verdas?

Verdas cannot be cured. The player can elect to leave him alone after their exchange, or kill him.

How do you open the shrine of Braccus Rex?

Decrepit Ruins The entrance is located in the middle of the Ruined Castle to the north. Use the Bless skill to lift the curse. Use a Source point to activate the monolith.

Where can I find Feder?

Feder location

  • Feder first appears in The Hollow Marshes.
  • After Blessing Feder, she'll be waiting outside the desert where you freed the Dragon Knight.
  • If you talk to Feder and suggest she visit the Shrine in the Seeker camp, she'll run there.