What did Walter Scott write?

What did Walter Scott write?

What did Sir Walter Scott write? Sir Walter Scott's early work consisted of poetic romances such as The Lady of the Lake. He later wrote The Waverley Novels, a series of historical novels published anonymously between 1814 and 1832 that were popular in his day.

Who is father of English tragedy?


Who is father of drama?

Henrik Ibsen

Who is the father of African literature?

Chinua Achebe

Who is the best writer in Africa?

The Top 10 Contemporary African Writers You Should Know

  • Chinua Achebe. One of the world's most widely recognized and praised writers, Chinua Achebe wrote some of the most extraordinary works of the 20th century. ...
  • Ayi Kwei Armah. ...
  • Aminatta Forna. ...
  • Nadine Gordimer. ...
  • Alain Mabanckou. ...
  • Ben Okri.

Who is the first African writer?


What is the real name of Africa?

According to the following resource: Kemetic History of Afrika; the definition of Alkebulan is as follows: “The ancient name of Africa was Alkebulan. Alkebu-lan “mother of mankind” or “garden of eden”. Alkebulan is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin.

What is the longest African name?

Viddawood ran into one of Nigeria's most treasured wonders of nature in human form. He is a phenomenal actor and comedian, Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas. Wonder if I am speaking in tongues?

Is Africa named after Africanus?

Sublius Cornelius Scipio Africanus did NOT name Africa. ... He was named AFTER Africa, after he conquered Northern Africa in the Punic Wars.

What is the oldest map of Africa?

The oldest map of the African continent, dating back to 1389, has gone on display in Cape Town. It is part of an exhibition drawing attention to the history of South Africa and the way it is perceived around the world. The Chinese map, covering more than 17 square metres, was produced in silk.