What is Walter Scott famous for?

What is Walter Scott famous for?

Sir Walter Scott, in full Sir Walter Scott, 1st Baronet, (born Aug, Edinburgh, Scotland—died Septem, Abbotsford, Roxburgh, Scotland), Scottish novelist, poet, historian, and biographer who is often considered both the inventor and the greatest practitioner of the historical novel.

Where is the world's largest monument dedicated to a writer located?

At 200 feet (61 meters) tall, the Scott Monument is the largest monument in the world dedicated to a writer. Inaugurated in 1846, Scott Monument is a Gothic monument built in honour of the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott. ​The tower, on Princes Street, is blackish in colour giving it an eerie beauty.

Where is Sir Walter Scott buried?

Dryburgh Abbey, United Kingdom

Can you go up the Scott Monument?

The Scott Monument is a Victorian Gothic monument located in the heart of Edinburgh in Princes Street Gardens. ... Visitors can climb the 287 steps of the narrow staircase, which winds around the monument and connects to four viewing platforms that offer spectacular views of the city.

Why is the Scott Monument black?

Over the years, the original pale sandstone and white marble had darkened to sooty black as a result of air pollution. Now Scott's statue is again white and the new stonework is the original light colour. It was decided not to clean all the sandstone, to prevent further damage.

How old is the Scott Monument?

181c. 1840-1844

When was Scott monument built?


How tall is the Scott Monument?


Who is buried at Dryburgh Abbey?

Sir Walter Scott