Which is the 7 ajuba?

Which is the 7 ajuba?

7 wonders
Colosseum ColosseoRome, Italy
Great Wall of China Wànlǐ ChángchéngChina
Machu Picchu Machu PikchuCuzco Region, Peru
Petra البتراء al-BatrāʾMa'an Governorate, Jordan

Who was yudhishthira why was he in anxiety long answer?

Yudhisthira was a Pandava King of Mahabharata time. He was the son of King Pandu. Yudhisthira was the King who led the Pandava side in famous Kurekshetra war mentioned in Mahabharata. Here the king Yudhisthira was feeling anxiety because his siblings who had gone for water from a pond, had not returned.

How did yudhishthira reach the pool of clean water?

After seeing his brothers lying dead on the ground, Yudhishthira himself went in front of the celestial pool. ... Yudhishthira answered them one by one, and then he got the pool which had fresh water in it. This is how Yudhishthira reached the pool of clean water.

How was yudhishthira?

From his childhood, Yudhishthira was greatly influenced by his uncle Vidura and his great - granduncle Bhishma, and believed in Dharma. He was trained in politics by Kripa and spear fighting by Drona. Later, he was appointed as the crowned prince of Hastinapura but was replaced by Duryodhana.

Who was the owner of the pool Why did the four brothers of Yudhisthira die?


Who was yaksha why did he take the form of Yaksha?

Yama had taken the form of Yaksha in order to test Yudhishtra's knowledge. After all the Pandavs took to search for the mysterious deer, Yudhishtir came across the dead bodies of his brothers. On examining closely he realized it has something to do with the crane that was lounging in the lake.