Which queen is mentioned in Skunk Hour?

Which queen is mentioned in Skunk Hour?

(For Elizabeth Bishop)Dedication Lowell's poem is modeled on Elizabeth Bishop's poem “The Armadillo,” which Bishop had dedicated to Lowell.

What does the red fox stain covering Blue Hill symbolize in Skunk Hour?

Get an answer for 'What does "the red fox stain covering blue hill" symbolize in "Skunk Hour"?' The symbolic meaning also includes balance, independence, security, as well as nonchalance while representing tree wisdom, tree divination and recognizing the individual tree spirit.

When was Skunk Hour written?


How does the poet describe the skunk?

Summary. 'The Skunk' by Seamus Heaney describes a speaker's married life through a zoomorphic comparison between his wife and a skunk. ... The second half of the poem makes clear that the speaker sees his wife as the skunk. She is just as mysterious and elusive, yet at the same time ordinary and demystified.

How is the skunk used as an extended metaphor in the poem the skunk?

In this poem Heaney uses another extended metaphor to compare his wife to a 'Skunk'. ... This suggests how all bad memories are returning as he is not with his wife; however it could also suggest how he is changing as a person throughout the poem.

Where is Seamus Heaney poem The skunk set?

the California darkness

What does Heaney's comparison of the skunk to a visitor mean?

Heaney also compares the skunk to a “visitor”, which in the context of this poem, may mean secret lover. “I expected her like a visitor” is a smooth transition to the second stanza, where he recalls a particular memory of the skunk's night time visits. ... The skunk reminded Heaney of his wife, whom he missed dearly.

What is the poem Mirror about?

The poem describes a woman seeing herself growing older and older in a mirror each day—or, more accurately, it describes a personified mirror looking on as the women's youth fades. ... The mirror describes itself as “the eye of a little god.” Like a god, the mirror sees things exactly as they are.