Do Water Babies get moldy?

Do Water Babies get moldy?

The doll, the floatie, and the water squirt toys all have small holes in them which allows water to collect inside and form mildew.

Can Barbie dolls go in the bathtub?

Don't Put Barbie in the Bath! Do not immerse her in water or it will get into her body and she will go moldy inside (this happened to my daughter's Bratz dolls when she took them in the bath—they were so smelly they had to be trashed). Wash Barbie's hair with a little shampoo, repeat as necessary.

Can Hairdorables go in water?

They have small parts and are not made to go in the water, much less water with chlorine.

What changes color on Hairdorables?

Each doll includes one color-change accessory that, when placed in icy-cold water or subjected to cold temperatures, will change colors via thermochromatic means. The item's appearance will revert to standard looks with warm water or once the item warms back up to room temperature.

What age are Hairdorables for?

3 years old

Can our generation dolls go in the pool?

Please don't put your dolls in water. Related Products for a World of Play! ... The sand and waves are calling and Our Generation can bring your dolls there!

What age should you stop playing with dolls?

IMO, the "height" of AG dolls is 8-10. For a friend's 10th birthday, older DD got her friend a couple AG mystery books. The girls in her circle all still really enjoy them. I suspect that by 11-12, that will end.

Who owns our generation dolls?


How old are our generation dolls? Our Generation Doll by Battat- Arlee 18" Regular Non-Posable Fashion Doll- for Age 3Years Years & Up: Toys & Games.

Why are American Girl dolls so expensive?

There are several reasons that factor into the higher cost of an American Girl doll. The main reasons American Girl dolls are so expensive are 1) the actual quality of the dolls themselves; 2) their status as a highly customizable specialty item; and finally, 3) the vast variety of must-have accessories available.

Do American Girl dolls knees bend?

So what are the Our Generation dolls like? They are 46cm/18″ tall which is the same height as American Girl and Gotz Precious Day dolls. ... The Deluxe range of dolls can also bend their knees. This is due to some sort of wire inside the leg so that the vinyl actually bends a bit and stays put.

What is the rarest American Girl doll?

Below you will find a list of the most expensive dolls on the market.

  • Molly McIntire. Now that she has been discontinued, Molly dolls can be found online for as low as a few hundred dollars and as high as $1,200. ...
  • Kirsten Larson. ...
  • Samantha Parkington. ...
  • Felicity Merriman. ...
  • Kanani Akina.

Is American Girl doll hair real human hair?

American Girl doll hair is actually a wig, firmly secured to her head. It's similar to the high-quality wigs created for real people. Made out of a blend of mod-acrylic fibers of different colors and textures, it maintains styles well and creates a rich variation of colors just like on a human head.

Why is American Girl closing?

In 2019, two more permanent American Girl stores closed due to American Girl's financial situation, which caused them not to renew their lease. One of these stores was in the Natick Collection mall near Boston, Massachusetts. It opened in 2008 and closed in March 2019.

Which American Girl dolls are discontinued?

In May 2014, American Girl announced that Marie-Grace Gardner, Cécile Rey, Ivy Ling, and Ruthie Smithens would be retired in preparation for the BeForever revamp of the Historical Line, effectively retiring the Best Friends as a line. This gave Marie-Grace and Cécile the shortest ever availability, at only three years.

Can American Girl doll hair be curled?

Never use a blow dryer, a curling iron, hot rollers, or a straightening iron on your doll's wig. The fibers are made of a special acrylic and any heat source can dry, stiffen, frizz, or even melt them. For braided styles, tightly braiding the hair while damp will control loose ends.