Are Jack and Ralph friends?

Are Jack and Ralph friends?

Ralph and jack are friends at the start of the story. They are both the oldest boys on the island and they both have a high level of admiration from the boys at the beginning. Ralph got all the boys together when he had established the conch, which straightaway got him the boys respect.

Why did Simon go into the forest and hide?

Wile not directly stated, it is suggested that Simon goes into the jungle by himself in order to escape the ever-increasing tension between Ralph and Jack. When the two carry their argument down the beach, Simon follows them for a few steps, then stops.

How is Jack and Ralph's relationship?

Ralph appoints Jack as the leader of the choir. Jack's group becomes the hunters. Ralph is diplomatic while Jack is rude and angry. When Piggy desires to explore the island with Jack, Ralph and Simon, Ralph tries to diplomatically discourage it while Jack blurts out “We don't want you.”

What does Piggy reluctantly contribute to the fire?

What does Piggy reluctantly contribute to the fire? The boys take his glasses to get the fire started. ... In addition, the fire that is out of control may burn up all their fruit and meat and ruin any firewood. The meeting seems to be disintegrating and Piggy, conch in hand, demands to be heard.

How are Jack and Ralph different?

Ralph and Jack (and the boys who align themselves with each) represent different values and different aspects of human nature. Ralph represents respect for the law, duty, reason, and the protection of the weak, whereas Jack represents violence, cruelty, mob rule, government through fear, and tyranny.

What is the relationship between Ralph and Jack in Chapter 7?

Animosity between Jack and Ralph is evident in chapter 7 as the boys are hunting for the beast. Ralph is clearly tired of Jack's lack of civility and antagonistic nature, while Jack has lost all respect for Ralph as their leader.

Does Ralph kill a pig in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph does not take part in killing a pig. He is with Jack in chapter 1, when they first see a pig and Jack makes a weak attempt at killing the pig. Ralph is in charge of the builders, so he does not go out on hunts with Jack and his tribe. Ralph does partake of eating the pig caught by Jack in chapter 4.

What is the biggest conflict between Ralph and Jack in Chapter 4?

The conflict between Jack and Ralph increases in chapter 4 because Jack kills a pig, and Ralph is angry that he let the fire go out. From the beginning, Jack and Ralph value different things. Jack never quite got over the fact that Ralph was chosen leader.

How is the dance in Chapter 7 different from previous dances?

The only dance that occurs in this chapter is when the boys pretend to be hunting a boar (Robert) after they missed out on killing the real boar. What makes this one different from past ones is that they really lose sense of what they're doing and almost kill Robert. In the past they never did that.