How does Lord of the Flies represent war?

How does Lord of the Flies represent war?

In many ways, war is the central theme of Lord of the Flies; the experience of the boys on the island is an allegory for the adult war taking place 'off the page'. Golding was certainly inspired by World War II and subsequent events in creating the novel, as he wrote in 'Fable': 'after the war […]

What had piggy overheard the pilot saying?

What had Piggy overheard the pilot saying? Piggy overheard the pilot saying that an "atom bomb" went off at the airport and killed everyone.

How does Jack treat the others?

How does Jack treat the others? Jack treats the others like he is more superior and dominant while they have to obey his orders. He achieves organization by bullying the other kids and gets everyone to join in against his victim.

Why does Jack become obsessed with killing the pig?

Earlier in the novel, Jack claims that hunting is important to provide meat for the group; now, it becomes clear that Jack's obsession with hunting is due to the satisfaction it provides his primal instincts and has nothing to do with contributing to the common good.

Why does Jack want lots of rules?

Jack probably wants to recapture some of his lost prestige, so he piggybacks on Ralph's comments. He takes the conch, which he had disdained just a few minutes previously, and says, "I agree with Ralph. We've got to have rules and obey them.

What happened when the conch was blown?

"The conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist". Therefore, all hope of civilization is lost. Ralph and Piggy discover the conch shell on the beach at the start of the novel and use it to summon the boys together after the crash separates them.

Who said we'll have rules lots of rules then when anyone breaks em?


Who found the beast in Lord of the Flies?

The beast was harmless and horrible; and the news must reach the others as soon as possible. Here, Simon discovers that the beast that the boys thought they found is, in fact, a dead human pilot. Simon wants to reassure the boys that the beast is not real.

Is there a beast in LOTF?

The Beast. The imaginary beast that frightens all the boys stands for the primal instinct of savagery that exists within all human beings. The boys are afraid of the beast, but only Simon reaches the realization that they fear the beast because it exists within each of them.

How does Jack use the idea of the beast?

Jack uses the beast to control the others just by making them eay it. He orders everyone to eat, and guarantees himself another victory the moment they do. If the others have eaten the pig thay can't blame him for allowing the signal fire to go out..... that they eat is seen as a sign of approval for his actions.