Why is LOTF banned?

Why is LOTF banned?

According to the American Library Association, Lord of the Flies is most often banned because of its violence and inappropriate language. Many districts believe the book's violence and demoralizing scenes to be too much for young audiences to handle.

What illness did Shug Avery have?

Shug Avery is sick, likely due to a sexually transmitted disease, and no one in the town will take her in. Both her mother and father say that Shug's promiscuity has gotten her what she deserves. Mr.

Is Shug Avery a girl?

Our first impression of Shug is negative. We learn she has a reputation as a woman of dubious morals who dresses scantily, has some sort of “nasty woman disease,” and is spurned by her own parents.

Is Color Purple a true story?

The Color Purple is a 1982 epistolary novel by American author Alice Walker which won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award for Fiction. It was later adapted into a film and musical of the same name. ... In 2003, the book was listed on the BBC's The Big Read poll of the UK's "best-loved novels."

Why does Sofia leave Harpo?

Sofia leaves Harpo because he is always trying to control her. She takes their children and goes to live with her sisters.

Who married Nettie?

After some 30 years apart, Celie is then reunited with Nettie, who has married Samuel.

Why is Harpo eating so much?

Sofia is perplexed as to why Harpo is eating so much. Harpo's scenes of overeating are another of the novel's very few comedic moments. But, of course, Harpo's eating is motivated by a deep uneasiness, and by a fear that he is not strong enough, not "man" enough, not big enough to beat and control his wife.

What happens to make Sofia have feelings for Harpo once again?

5. What happens between Harpo and Sofia to make them have feelings for each other once again? a) Harpo's daughter with Mary Agnes dies at the age of nine. Sofia is so moved by his feelings for this young child that she can't help but develop feelings for him again.

Is Shug Avery Black?

By being an original, a unique kind of black woman in this novel, one of the things that strikes us most forcefully about Shug is her original concept of God — particularly when compared to the limited concept of the God whom Celie believes in.

What kind of business does Harpo start in the color purple?

juke joint

Who is Harpo in The Color Purple?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete
Danny Glover...Albert
Willard E. Pugh...Harpo Johnson (as Willard Pugh)
Akosua Busia...Nettie Harris
Desreta Jackson...Young Celie Harris
Adolph Caesar...Old Mister Johnson

What does the color purple mean?

Color Meaning: Meaning of The Color Purple. ... The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

What are some symbols in the color purple?

Sewing and Quilts. In general, sewing in The Color Purple symbolizes the power women can gain from productively channeling their creative energy. After Sofia and Celie argue about the advice Celie has given Harpo, Sofia signals a truce by suggesting they make a quilt.

What was Harpo wife name in the color purple?


Is purple a sad color?

Purple Colors Dark purple produces feelings of sadness, gloom, and even frustration. It's said that too much purple can produce feelings of irritability, impatience, and arrogance. Too little of the color purple produces feelings of powerlessness, negativity, and apathy.

What Purple favorite color means?

If Your Favorite Color is Purple. Having either purple or violet as your favorite color means you are sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself - you are the person others come to for help - being needed motivates you but sometimes people take advantage of you.

Is Purple same as Violet?

Violet is closely associated with purple. In optics, violet is a spectral color (referring to the color of different single wavelengths of light) and purple is the color of various combinations of red and blue (or violet) light, some of which humans perceive as similar to violet.

What personality is green?

Having a personality color green means you are kind, generous and compassionate - good to have around during a crisis as you remain calm and take control of the situation until it is resolved. You are caring and nurturing to others - however you must be careful not to neglect your own needs while giving to others.

What is a blue personality?

Those with Blue color personality strengths tend to be enthusiastic, sympathetic, communicative, compassionate, idealistic, sincere and imaginative. They care and want to contribute to everything they are a part of. ... Give Blues opportunities to demonstrate creativity, work with and mentor others and communicate.