What is a garter in Lord of the Flies?

What is a garter in Lord of the Flies?

garter an elastic band, or a fastener suspended from a band, girdle, etc., for holding a stocking or sock in position. gesticulate to make or use gestures, esp. with the hands and arms, as in adding nuances or force to one's speech, or as a substitute for speech.

Why did the plane in Lord of the Flies crash?

There was a world war in progress so, they were trying to escape it. The plane crashed because it was hit by an enemy. What is the "scar" and what caused it? represents the crash of the plane into the island.

What did Piggy overhear the pilot saying?

What had Piggy overheard the pilot saying? Piggy overheard the pilot saying that an "atom bomb" went off at the airport and killed everyone.

Why can't Jack kill the pig in Lord of the Flies?

Why is Jack unable to kill the pig at the end of Chapter One? Jack could not bear with himself killing the pig. He was afraid of all the blood that would appear when stabbing the pig.

How did the pilot die in Lord of the Flies?

The pilot is shot down during the fighting, and his body lands in such a way that the strings of his parachute cause him to move when the wind blows in a particular manner, so that he is analogous to a marionette.

What did Sam and Eric actually see?

Sam and Eric Timeline and Summary Sam and Eric are tending the fire when they see “the beast,” which we all know is actually a dead parachuting man. Once Jack has announced his feast, Sam and Eric are the only boys left with Piggy, Ralph, and Simon.

What do the Twins think they see?

They see the fallen parachute man. It frightens them because they mistakenly think its the beast. The way that the strings of the parachute have been caught means that as the branches blow in the wind, so does the man move up and down. Therefore, the twins think the figure is alive and that it is the beast.

What did Sam and Eric see?

What do Sam and Eric see in the middle of the night while on fire duty, and why does it frighten them? They see the figure that had appeared from the sky, the parachuter. The twins say that 'the beast' had claws, and that it followed and nearly touched them.

Who sees the dead parachutist first?

What powers does Jack ascribe to the beast after Simon's murder?Immortality and the power to change shape
Who sees the dead parachutist first?Samneric
Where does the beast go during the day, according to one littlun?Into the ocean
Which character speaks to the Lord of the Flies?Simon

What happens to the Twins in Lord of the Flies Chapter 11?

In Chapter 11, Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric travel to Castle Rock to retrieve Piggy's glasses. When they stand outside of the fortress, Jack commands his savages to capture Samneric. The savages rush down from Castle Rock, strip the twins of their spears, and tie them up.

Who actually pushes the rock that kills Piggy?


What does Jack stealing Piggy's glasses symbolize?

Piggy is now half-blind, a foreshadowing of later events in the book when Jack's tribe steal the spectacles, leaving Piggy completely blind and vulnerable. The glasses are also symbolic of Piggy's character; his rational thinking and ability to see a solution to the boys' predicament.

Who did Jack kill in Lord of the Flies?


What does the pig's head on a stick symbolize?

The pig's head becomes a symbol of the evil inside humans. They were black and iridescent green and without number; and in front of Simon, the Lord of the Flies hung on his stick and grinned. ... This is the first time the pig's head is referred to as the Lord of the Flies, which is a reference to Beelzebub, or the Devil.