Who does Tobias Eaton end up with?

Who does Tobias Eaton end up with?

Tris eventually reconciles with Tobias, finally feeling comfortable and the two make love for the first time. The two stay together to fight against the Bureau.

Why did Tris and Tobias break up?

Caleb is nominated because everyone hates him, anyway. Tris and Tobias split up and get all gushy about how much they love each other. ... She decides to sacrifice herself instead of Caleb, because he's doing it to absolve himself of guilt (wrong reason) and she's killing herself in the name of love (right reason).

Does Tobias Love Tris?

Tobias is a stern and intimidating eighteen-year-old who helps train Dauntless initiates and becomes Tris's love interest. He's aloof and strict with the trainees, and he often singles Tris out for critique, but as the book progresses it becomes obvious that he cares about her.

Why did Marcus abuse Tobias?

Personality. Marcus was shown to be a man of morals. However, he is hypocritical in that he believes he is allowed to abuse others to punish them, such as when he beats Tobias for keeping 'illegal' or self-indulgent trinkets.

How did Tris die in the books?

At the end of Veronica Roth's novel, Allegiant, Tris Prior dies when she is shot while on a mission to prevent the Bureau of Genetic Welfare from carrying out an experiment on the population of Chicago.

Are Tris and Caleb twins?

Tris is Caleb's younger sister. Caleb often reprimands Tris over her un-Abnegation behavior. They have a good relationship. They are a few months apart in age, so they take their aptitude tests in the same year.

Is Caleb evil in divergent?

Caleb is Tris's brother, a.k.a. her only surviving family member, a.k.a. the only family member who didn't selflessly die to save Tris. ... He passes private information to Jeanine about Tris in order to further her research into the Divergent, and Tris pretty much writes him off as an evil traitor forever.

Is Peter a divergent too?

He is not divergent. ... He has shown traits for both Dauntless and Erudite on multiple occasions, which would technically qualify, but since he's only "20% divergent" (eric was doing tests in the insurgent movie, 2 factions=20% I think but I didn't actually do the math ecksdee).

How does Tris die?

At the end of the Allegiant novel, Tris dies as she disseminates the memory serum to those in the bureau's compound, including David, in an attempt to stop them from further discriminating and abusing "genetically damaged" people.

Does Tris kill herself?

If you've made it this far without clamping a shaky hand over your eyes, then you likely know that Tris dies in "Allegiant"'s final pages — sacrificing herself for the cause. Yep, she went there. ... At the end of the book, she kind of plays with the idea of self-sacrifice by letting Tobias almost kill her.

What are Tris's last words?

Her last words to Tris are “Be brave, Beatrice. I love you.” With these words, she's advocating both Dauntless behavior and Abnegation values.

Why didn't they finish the divergent movies?

The decision to film separate productions may have had a bit to do with Lionsgate trying to rush director Robert Schwentke. He shot Insurgent and Allegiant but left before Ascendant due to time constraints, meaning they needed someone new to come on board for the final film.

Why didn't Tris die in the movie?

Why didn't Tris die in the movie? ... She died in the book so she should've died in the movie!

How old is Tris in Divergent?


Did they ever finish the divergent movies?

It was a trick that worked for the likes of Twilight, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, but splitting Allegiant into two potentially proved to be the downfall for The Divergent Series, leading to it being cancelled before it finished its story.