What did Arthur Conan Doyle do?

What did Arthur Conan Doyle do?

Arthur Conan Doyle, in full Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle, (born , Edinburgh, Scotland—died J, Crowborough, Sussex, England), Scottish writer best known for his creation of the detective Sherlock Holmes—one of the most vivid and enduring characters in English fiction.

Where did Arthur Conan Doyle work?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930) He worked as a surgeon on a whaling boat and also as a medical officer on a steamer travelling between Liverpool and West Africa. He then settled in Portsmouth on the English south coast and divided his time between medicine and writing.

How did Sherlock Holmes solve the case of the Speckled Band?

In the end, Holmes catches the step-father in the act. He has used a bell cord and the ventilation system which connected his room with the step daughter's to let down a poisonous snake which was intended to bite her in her sleep.

How did Holmes solve the mystery?

Holmes solves the mystery of the whereabouts of the "compromising" photograph by faking a fire to provoke the owner to rush to retrieve it before leaving her house. He even hires a whole "cast" of actors and actresses to come out on the street in front of her house to make the "fire" seem real.

Why did Holmes ask all the three students to give him a pencil?

Holmes asked the three students to give him their pencils because Holmes found some pieces of evidence in the office of Mr. Soames such as shreds of a pencil and a broken tip of a lead. So, Holmes asked them their pencils to know whose pencil shreds were they and who is the culprit.

What was the painful incident the case of copied question paper?

The painful incident is that the question papers of the scholarship examination have been leaked.

Who stole the exam questions in the adventure of the three students?

On entering Soames' study, Holmes sees that Bannister has left. The detective asks Soames which chair Bannister was sitting in. Soames answers that he was sitting in the chair nearest to the window. Sherlock Holmes realizes that the intruder took the papers one by one to the table near the window.

Why did Gilchrist skip exams?

Answer. Explanation: Gilchrist decided to skip the examination because Bannister explained to him that what you are doing is wrong. He talked to him as a father and made him understand that what he is doing wrong.

Why couldn't Soames solve the mystery behind the copied question papers while Holmes could do it in a short time?

Explanation: When Soames saw the scene, he immediately thought that the exam papers have been copied and he just started to think in this direction that whether to postpone the exam instead of first confirming if paper has actually been copied.

How did Bannister help Gilchrist?

Answer. Why did Bannister help gilchrist? Bannister had collapsed in the chair to hide Gilchrist's gloves, which he saw had been left on the chair. Then Bannister, who had known Gilchrist since his childhood, helped him to escape.

How does Bannister find out that Gilchrist was trying to copy the examination papers?

Explanation: When he returned, he found that his servant, Bannister, had entered the room but accidentally left his key in the lock when he left, and someone had disturbed the exam papers on his desk and left traces that show it had been partially copied.

Who solved the mystery of the case of copied question paper?

When Soames saw the scene in the examination Hall, he immediately came to the conclusion that the papers have been copied without even investigating. On the other hand, Sherlock Holmes found some hint on the site that papers were not copied.

Why is Holmes a better observer than Watson?

Holmes is more observant of minutiae, and he also is able to make deductions based on his observations. Watson is the first to realize these differences between himself and his friend.

Why did Helen Stoner See Holmes?

Helen Stoner comes to see Holmes because she wants him to investigate her sister's death and also because she fears that she will meet the same fate as her sister.

Who is the Speckled Band final victim?