Are Sumerians Persian?

Are Sumerians Persian?

Sumerians were dominant in southern Iraq from around 4500 to 1750 BC. Irani tribes came to the Iranian plateau starting around 800 BC. ... Iran rules over formerly Sumerian lands from circa 500 BC to 650 AD and then both were under joint rule mostly. So present day Iranians will count Sumerians as among their ancestors.

Is there a dinosaur bigger than a T-Rex?

Spinosaurus was the biggest of all the carnivorous dinosaurs, larger than Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus.

What did T-Rex taste like?

rex tasted more like poultry than, say, beef or pork. Its flavor would likely have been closer to that of a carnivorous bird—perhaps a hawk—than a chicken. What does a hawk taste like? It's probably not far off from the dark meat of a turkey but would be more pungent because of its all-meat diet.

What would dinosaurs eat today?

A: Most dinosaurs ate plants, just like most animals today. But some ate meat. We also guess that some ate insects and fruits. The plant-eaters ate ferns and herbs and leaves from trees.

What did dinosaurs drink?

Floodplain dinosaurs slurped from local rivers, while forest dinosaurs drank water rich in minerals that had circulated through the rocks, picking up volcanic salts on the way.

What's a dinosaur with 500 teeth?