How much is a Toman?

How much is a Toman?

One toman is equivalent to ten rials. Although the rial is the official currency, Iranians use the toman in everyday life. Originally, the toman consisted of 10,000 dinars. Between 1798 and 1825, the toman was also subdivided into eight rials, each of 1,250 dinars....
Iranian toman
Central bankIran

How much is Canadian Dollar in Toman?

The rial is the currency of Iran although Iranians commonly express the prices of goods in tomans....Quick Conversions from Canadian Dollar to Iranian Rial : 1 CAD = IRR.
C$ 1,000,000﷼ 198.

What is a million tomans in US dollars?

For one million rials you get today 23 dollars 75 cents.

What is money called in Iran?

Iranian rial

What currency are they spending in Iran?

Iranian Rial

Is Iran a 3rd world country?

Countries are now classified as developed, developing, or least developed. Iran falls under the developing country category due to its unstable economy, low GDP per capita, and high levels of poverty (40%). ... These were called third world countries.

Is Portugal self sufficient in food?

Portugal has a degree of food self-sufficiency of 81%, in value terms, for overall agriculture, fisheries and food and beverage industries (average 2006-2010), an indicator that remained stable along the five-year period. ... By contrast, very close to self-sufficiency are olive oil, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit.

What is Iran's largest export?

crude petroleum

What is the main industry of Iran?

petroleum industry

What is the most popular car in Iran?

Iran Khodro, which produced the most prevalent car brand in the country—the Peykan, which has been replaced in 2005 by the Samand—was still the larger with 61% of the market in 2001, while Saipa contributed 33% of Iran's total production in the same year.

Where does Iran get its drinking water?

Iran receives 6.

Where does Iran get its weapons from?

The main arms and WMD-related technology suppliers to Iran remain Russia, China, and North Korea.

Who is the largest arms dealer in the world?

The 12 American companies in the top 25 accounted for $61 percent of that total. Lockheed Martin retained its place at the top of the biggest arms-producing companies with $53.

Who buys the most weapons from the US?

According to the latest figures released by State and Defense officials, the sale of Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet to Japan amounted to $23.

How many missile Iran has?

Iran is widely estimated to have between 200 and 300 Shahab-1 and Shahab-2 missiles capable of reaching targets in neighboring countries.