What is another way to say per our conversation?

What is another way to say per our conversation?

As you can see from the example above, “per our conversation” could easily be replaced by “as we discussed earlier” or “as we agreed.”

What does intrinsically mean?

: in an intrinsic manner : by natural character : in itself an intrinsically difficult language intrinsically evil/valuable The media do not have to go along with the pretense that there is something intrinsically virtuous about a movement with no leaders.—

Is it so to speak or sort of speak?

But neither form is standard. When you use an expression that is not meant entirely literally, or is slang or informal, you may follow it with “so to speak” or “in a manner of speaking.” It is most appropriately used to acknowledge that you have just expressed an idea in an unusual fashion./span>

How do you use the phrase so to speak?

You use so to speak to draw attention to the fact that you are describing or referring to something in a way that may be amusing or unusual rather than completely accurate. I ought not to tell you but I will, since you're in the family, so to speak.

What does speck mean?

a very small amount

What is another word for spiky?

Spiky Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus....What is another word for spiky?

What is a spiky person?

1 resembling a spike. 2 having a spike or spikes. 3 (Brit) informal ill-tempered.

What are the spiky plants called?


What plant has the biggest thorns?

Honey Locust

Does dracaena come back every year?

Dracaena Spikes fairly drought tolerant too! Plant in any well drained soil. ... This plant can be a perennial in zones 9-11. In zones 3-8 it is an annual only.

What can I plant next to yuccas?

Companion Plants for Yuccas Tiger Lilies, Sedum, Rudbeckia, Sage and Yarrow all thrive in similar conditions and bloom at the same time as Yucca. These plants look beautiful next to each other and will produce a huge number of flowers during the late spring and summer./span>

Do yuccas damage foundations?

Can the roots damage the pools foundation walls? Yucca roots are not very invasive. Over time they will form a strong mat of roots but these should not cause any problems for your pools walls./span>

Are yuccas Hardy?

Yucca baccata is another cold hardy example. Also known as banana or Datil yucca, it can survive temperatures of -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-28 C.) and possibly colder with some protection. Plants have blue to green leaves and may produce thick trunks./span>

How long does it take for a yucca plant to mature?

about three to four weeks