What Semper Paratus means?

What Semper Paratus means?

always prepared

What is the Coast Guard's motto?

Semper Paratus

Does Tristan Dugray come back?

Murray makes his final appearance as Tristan in Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 9: “Run Away, Little Boy.” The episode finds Tristan and Rory preparing for their second kiss, this time for a school production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. But out of nowhere, Murray's character says goodbye.

Why do Rory and Dean break up?

After the break-up, Rory reveals that Dean broke up with her because she didn't respond with "I love you too." This break, however, doesn't last long. ... Rory feels confused about him at first since she suspected he was trouble and her mother didn't trust him, but she still ends up being good friends with him.

Do Dean and Lindsay get divorced?

They were both tall and gorgeous and seemed happy, but deep down, viewers knew Dean's heart always belonged to Rory. Dean and Lindsay would eventually go on to get engaged, married, and divorced.

Who does Rory first sleep with?

Eventually, their flirtation boiled over into full-blown cheating when Dean approached Rory in her house, while no one else was home. The two slept together for the first time in Rory's room, then for a second time the following day at Miss Patty's dance studio.