Which prefix means between?

Which prefix means between?


How do you put JR in a name?

For the address, it is traditional to use the suffix “Jr.” for a child with the same name as a parent: John Adams, Jr....Subsequent generations use Roman Numerals to designate position:

  1. John Adams, III.
  2. John Adams, IV.
  3. Etc.

How do you address someone with 3?

You Can Write III or 3rd If someone is referred to as "the third," you can use either the Roman numeral (III) or the Arabic numeral (3rd) after the name. When speaking a name, you say "the third,” but when writing a name, you don't include the word the before the numeral.

What does JR stand for in law?

JR in Law
2JRJurisprudence, Special Education, Criminal
1JrCourt, Government, Justice
1JRFactor, Judge
1JrFamily, Children
1JRLegal, Jurisprudence, Government

Can you still be a Jr with a different middle name?

No. The suffixes “Sr”, “Jr”, “II”, “III”, etc are only used when you have people with EXACTLY the same name. The purpose is to distinguish one relative from another. If you have a different middle name, then that is how you are distinguished.