How do you say if you want peace prepare for war?

How do you say if you want peace prepare for war?

Si vis pacem, para bellum (Classical Latin: [siː wiːs ˈpaːkẽː ˈpara ˈbɛllũː]) is a Latin adage translated as "If you want peace, prepare for war".

What does 9x19 mean on a pistol?

Yes, 9mm ammo is the same as ammo designated 9x19mm. 9×19 may be the most straight-forward name for the cartridge. The “9” simply notes the diameter of the bullet, which is 9.

Can a 380 stop an attacker?

380 Auto Can't Stop An Attacker. ... 380 auto to stop an attacker. Hogwash. However, ammunition selection is important if carrying ./span>

How could I Meaning?

1 —used to show that one thinks that someone has done or said something shocking or wrong "We don't need his help anyway." "How can you say that?!"How could she just walk away from her children like that? 2 —used to express doubt that something will happen, is possible, etc. How could I (ever/possibly) leave this job?

How should means?

how/why should ... ? used to express surprise that something has happened or that someone has asked you a particular question Why should anyone want to marry Tony? Don't ask me. How should I know?

Why I should Meaning?

1. used for rudely refusing to do what someone has just asked you to do. 'Tell us what Digby said. ' 'Why should I? '

What is this word should?

auxiliary verb simple past tense of shall. (used to express condition): Were he to arrive, I should be pleased. must; ought (used to indicate duty, propriety, or expediency): You should not do that.

What should we do meaning?

meaning: what should I do to solve the issue/how can I prevent my cat from running away? - What I should do, next time my cat runs away, is to close the door (you are saying that you are going to do said thing, so" what I should do" can be used as an answer to "what should I do?")

What I should or what should I?

Senior Member. No, "What should I do?" is the correct word order for a question, but not when those words appear as a clause of a longer sentence.

What I will do or what will I do?

They are a prediction about the future. The prediction is about the future behavior of the speaker. “What will I doshould be written, “What will I do?” The question mark tells us the words form a question. In this case, the question is about the speaker's future behavior.

What shall I do or what should I do?

What should I do ? and what shall I do ? are two different sentences. Should indicates the imperative that you ought to do something. Whereas shall seeks guidance on a choice which is not quite so desperate. Should implies a moral imperative but is not necessarily what you will do.