What oil do you put in AC Odyssey?

What oil do you put in AC Odyssey?

Start making the oil - light a fire, add Athena's oil and then a few rose petals. Time to find Testikles - this part is much more problematic. Go to Messenia region and then sail to a small island. There, you will find the drunk champion.

Where is the oil for Testikles?


Should you give the flower to Hades?

A Cursed Sickness Quest When you take the Asphodel flower to Hades' palace, I'd recommend refusing his offer, because it's easy to find all of the Fallen targets without his help. Now stick close by to the woman to protect her from Hounds as she makes her way to the Pyre.

Is it better to kill or spare Lagos?

If you helped Brasidas kill the Monger silently in Monger Down, you should be able to convince Lagos to leave the cult. Additionally, if Lagos is killed, you will not get adequate evidence for the mission A Bloody Feast. If he is convinced to leave the cult, he will hand over the evidence.

What happens if you don't kill Daphnae?

Kill Daphnae This is considered the good ending. At the end of it, you'll get to honor Daphnae's wishes, as she dies and you become the new leader of the group. ... Once Daphnae is defeated, the other daughters of Artemis don't become hostile and the quest is completed.

Is eivor a girl or boy?

After all, many were confused on the initial reveal because Eivor is a female name, not a unisex name. On top of that, while the game almost never address Eivor's full name, she has one.