Is Odessa the victim AC Odyssey?

Is Odessa the victim AC Odyssey?

You can tell Odessa that it is all her fault or that she is the victim. In the second case you can count on a bit of fun with her. At the end, no matter which option you have chosen, you will be able to invite Odessa to join the crew of your ship.

Does Testikles always die?

Either due to inability or drunkenness, Testikles was unable to swim and shortly drowned, before being attacked by sharks. While Barnabas and Herodotos expressed their shock and dismay at this tragic twist of fate, Alkibiades noted that Kassandra would have to take his place now.

Should I kill the champions for Sparta?

In the end, there will be two choices: I'll kill the champions for Sparta: He will be happy that you follow the orders. Killing the champions won't help: In this choice your suggestions won't help, he will tell you to complete the mission or die.

Do you have to kill Stentor?

Don't kill Stentor.

Who is Alexios real dad?

Alexios and Kassandra
Adapted byGordon Doherty
Portrayed byMichael Antonakos (Alexios) Melissanthi Mahut (Kassandra)
In-universe information
FamilyLeonidas I (grandfather) Myrrine (mother) Nikolaos (stepfather) Stentor (stepbrother) Pythagoras (father) Amunet (descendant)

Can I find Phoibe in Elysium?

No you also meet Brasidas in the underworld. You can choose where he goes to at the end, i choose for Elysium, but cant find him there. That's because he stays in the underworld no matter what.

Should I kill monger?

This makes "Killing the Monger in Cave" the best option which not only helps you from losing a member but it also saves you from taking hard and avoidable decisions. However, without spoiling the game's story for you to a great degree, it is advisable to kill the Monger in the Cave and not in the theatre.

Should I save the baby or kill chrysis?

A controlled character can attack Chrysis right away, but an infant lying on the altar will die. If you decide to save the baby and lift him out of the burning temple, Chrysis will have to flee. In such a case you will have to find her again.

Can you still romance Randi after turning her down?

Mind you, there's still the option to hook up with her, but Sigurd will still find out. That said, later on in the main story (SPOILERS AHOY), Sigurd and Randvi in AC Valhalla will break up. If you get with her after that happens, there will be no strike against you.